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Hells Angels

Sues Young Jeezy Over Skull Logo

Hells No You Don't!!!

10/29/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hells Angels don't need baseball bats and chains to protect their image -- all they need is a good lawyer, which is exactly what they got to sue rapper Young Jeezy's clothing line ... claiming Jeezy's company jacked their iconic Death Head logo.

The fabled motorcycle club filed the lawsuit against 8732 Apparel for essentially reprinting the Hells Angels logo on jackets and hats ... and selling them for a massive profit.

The 8732 design isn't an exact rip-off ... but Hells Angels claims it's close enough to confuse people.

HA claims 8732 has already earned substantial profits from the bootleg merch, and the motorcycle club wants every last cent of that money.

The club is now suing for unspecified damages. It also wants a judge to force 8732 to stop selling anything with an HA-looking logo on it. Calls to 8732 were not returned.

FYI, this isn't the first time the Hells Angels went ballistic over someone stealing their logo -- you'll recall, they sued Rob Dyrdek's clothing company and MTV last year for the same thing.


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Hells Angels are known KKK members

363 days ago


Kick his black a$$.

362 days ago


Hell's Angels are not KKK members. Obviously you've never seen any of their club members. Young Jeezy isn't very intelligent in his decision making and doesn't know who he's dealing with.

362 days ago


I don't support the hells angels but that is an obvious rip off. Not sure why someone would even try this. They could easily be mistaken and that puts people in danger doesn't it??

362 days ago

just because    

DeJaVu when hells angels sued Young & Reckless for same thing!!!! I Once dated a sociopath who said her uncle was head of Hells Angels and she said he was going to set my house on fire

362 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

...The Hell's Angels of old would've made Young Jeezy their bitch by now...!!! TESTIFY !!!

362 days ago


More evidence that "rappers" will steal ANYTHING,
Some will learn not to. The hard way. But others are too dumb to learn from others woe.

362 days ago


You racist muthaf..... need to get ya as$es off of here. Y u gotta always make $hyt about race. Rappers aren't the only ones to sample or steal. Every artist samples music bt since u wanna add race then most likely the ones who sample, they sample from black people. As far as stealing, older white women do it the most. Y'all have a good day to the normal people. To all the racists bwitches go kill yourself so u can go to Hells, angel. Lol

362 days ago


they are different...

362 days ago


Since when is it good marketing to make your clients targets for the Hells Angels?

362 days ago

WORD is BOND    

Looks like a rip-off too me.

362 days ago


HA have yet to lose an infringement suit over their logo. I don't see it starting here. They own the flying skull

362 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Pathetic that mofo's can't come up with their own "original" logo... lol.

362 days ago

nipples mugee    

Ha, Anyone stupid enough to steal the hells angels logo isn't too bright.
This isn't IBM or Microsoft you are negotiating with, it's a pack of very aggressive bikers who will use whatever force necessary to win their case. And they will not quit until they are victorious . period.

362 days ago


LOL! they better call their lawyer,those hillbillies don't want drama in the hip hop world.they better stick to snorting meth and beating up hookers.

362 days ago
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