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Charlie Sheen

My Kids Are in Danger

My Ex is an Evil Whore

11/1/2013 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says his ex-wife Brooke Mueller is a dangerous, EVIL whore who's putting their twin boys in SERIOUS DANGER ... and now, Charlie says he's on a mission to stop her before it's too late.

Sheen just called TMZ and told us ... his 4-and-a-half year old twin boys Bob and Max have already suffered physical and emotional damage from the time they've spent in Brooke's care.  In fact, he says they're very close to getting kicked out of school.

Charlie says the boys are deathly afraid of Brooke's house -- which is covered in pet lizards, various insects and other critters -- and they suffer night terrors after spending time at the home.

Charlie also says Bob suffered a bad rash on his face after recently spending time with Brooke -- a rash that "looked like somebody burned him."

Charlie says he's complained to L.A. Child Services -- but they refuse to help. Instead, Charlie claims, Brooke is getting MORE custody ... and he doesn't understand why.

Sheen ripped Child Services on a Twitter rant last night -- calling them "doosh bags" who have done nothing to protect his children. He also called Brooke an "evil and pathetic über loser" and a "whore."

Sheen says Brooke is supposed to get her first unsupervised overnight visit with the twins tonight -- and Charlie says he's very afraid of what could happen.

Charlie says he's not sure if Brooke is back on drugs, but he is sure about one thing -- "She's as awful a parent and a person as you can possibly draw up."



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Charlie's funniest during moments like these:

"I'll empty my War Chest..."

I'm wondering where Charlie KEEPS it...

302 days ago


Giving up drugs & his own whores is too much of an inconvenience for this hypocrite? I think Sheen gets his kicks out of parking the twins with his ex-wife because he can avoid being responsible but still have control over both women. He's a terrible father to speak like this about his children's mother. His kids will grow up hating both parents.

302 days ago


It'd be a real Life-tragedy - to see Charlie shuffling 'bout -

... and on like Zoloft.

302 days ago


If Charlie is so afraid of what's going on with the twins, why doesn't he just get HIS act together, which entails that he stop whoring around with strippers, slow down his drinking and quite the drugs.


He can't expect Denise to raise all of his children. She's been MORE THAN HELPFUL in this situation, but she is not their blood relative.

I'm sure Brooke has a relative who would be more than capable of taking care of them, but Charlie doesn't want this. Fine. But HE NEEDS TO STEP UP OR SHUT UP! This story is getting old.

302 days ago


Not to be rude but the last time Charlie, quote, "EMPTIED His War Chest?"

Charlie wound up on cable.

While Chuck Lorre wound up with seven more CBS shows -

So for Brooke maybe this is a GOOD thing...

302 days ago


What's becoming more and more apparent is that Denise has a really full house.

Kings over Deuces.

302 days ago


Well you know Charlie, I don't have these problems. Why you may ask? I always made it a point not to F-UCK crazy women. Not just because I was afrad I'd knock the crazy bi-tch up, but I just wouldn't stick my dick into a slop pail. I like it to much to do that.

302 days ago


And Charlie is one narcissistic and deranged drug, alcohol and sex addict. Great role model....for Charlie Manson's gang.

302 days ago


Charlie, dry up any alimony payments to Brooke for the next few months. For child support services/court, give custody of the children to Denise Richards. She has been with them while Brooke is in rehab and struggling with drugs. The twin boys are comfortable with Denise, and their half-sisters love them. Denise has a heart that not many of us have in these cir***stances.

302 days ago


The twins would be better off being adopted by a stable family.

302 days ago


Well Well Well isn't he the pot calling the kettle black. Ball up Sheen, start acting like a Father and less like a John . How dare you throw accusations at their Mother when you yourself are no better

302 days ago


Why does this person feel he must talk to TMZ about this rather than his lawyer?

302 days ago


Pot meet kettle.

302 days ago


Thanks for the commentary - profound words coming from Ward Cleaver!!! When you can stand up, and be a FATHER rather than a paycheck for these boys, great. Otherwise, SHUT THE F*(%K UP!

302 days ago


If he is so concerned about his kids, why doesn't he have them with him? Instead, he farms them out to his other ex-wife. Also, Charlie, be a little more careful who you marry and procreate with in the future!

302 days ago
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