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Lindsay Lohan

$50,000 to Host Halloween Party

Casino Wants Its $$$ Back

11/1/2013 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
was paid north of $50,000 to host a Halloween party at a casino last night, sources tell TMZ -- but she was so late ... the casino wants a chunk of its money back.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, Lindsay was paid to show up to Foxwoods casino in Connecticut at 10pm, but she didn't arrive until 11:43pm.

When she finally did show up, we're told she blew off the red carpet -- where she was supposed to pose for photos and talk to fans -- and walked straight into the party.

We're told Foxwoods is now trying to renegotiate Lindsay's contract because the casino feels she screwed them over.

Lindsay didn't completely drop the ball. We're told she and co-host Floyd Mayweather Jr. judged the Halloween costume contest together and actually did a decent job. (FYI, Lindsay was dressed as Carrie and Floyd was dressed as Freddy Krueger.)

For what it's worth, we're told Floyd (who was paid about the same as Lindsay) was late too -- but he made up for it by spending time with fans, signing autographs and taking photos.

Lindsay, not so much.



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WHEN will people learn, this greasy orange whore is FAKING sobriety yet AGAIN, this is another nail in her coffin, comeback........BBBWWWHHAAA, try the final flush LoHag.

299 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I'm bored with Lohan. Like somebody said earlier she isn't relevant with the younger people. She isn't a girl anymore.

Maybe she has improved from last years crackna****ns.

But her mother is still a big loser.

BTW, Nassau County District Kathleen Rice has been very busy plugging loopholes in the drunk driving laws.

According to Newsday:"Rice, who has made fighting drunken driving a key issue since taking office in 2006,said it's hard to know whether tougher laws lead to fewer drunken drivers.

"One statistic I can tell you is there are fewer deaths on our roads here in Nassau County in alcohol-related crashes now than there were when I took over, "she said.

299 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwahhhaahahahahaahahaha! She's such a loser!

Does anything ever work out in her favor? #NOT!


299 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Next TMZ story:


299 days ago


This MIGHT be more interesting if she whooped a tricks' ass or something, but this is just more LaLohan assholic typical behaviour.

299 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

ROTF! Maddy called Dina, Ding Dong Dina on twitter


I'm laughing..Loves it!

299 days ago


“She goes to regular AA meetings and sees a therapist regularly and is in close contact with those who were helping her at Cliffside,” the source told us. “Not only is Lindsay sober, but she hasn’t gotten into a single problem since leaving rehab.”

Does this REEK of DWIna or what? Thanks for the laugh you old whore.

299 days ago


Here's the deal: Foxwoods knew that hiring Lindsay would get a good write up whether she showed or not. If she showed everyone would watch her like a hawk to see if she drank any booze. If she did every rag mag site would be talking about it. As you can see they named Foxwoods twice in the story up above. If she didn't show they would talk about that too. It's a win win for Foxwoods no matter what she did. 50k is a drop in the bucket for that kind of publicity. As you can see I use the name Foxwoods four times just writing about this.

299 days ago


Lol Possibly one of my favorite comments from E!:
No point in reporting on Linds anymore. Starlet, she is not. Actress, well nobody wants her. Her acting career ended 10 years ago with Mean Girls. Anytime you were supposed to be the main actress, and you're the only one that doesn't draw a paycheck it's time to call it a day. She hasn't been relevant in years. She constantly looks dirty and disheveled. Her voice sounds like an 80 yearold tracheochtimy patient. She was a1 hit wonder, and if you're stretching it 1and a 1/2 hit wonder. 6 rehabs, too many arrests' to acknowledge, yellow veneers, any/every actress'/actor in Hollywood hates you and still begging for invites to parties when you are supposedly sober. EPIC FAIL. There is a reason nobody wants you around. It goes far beyond the fact it's no secret that Hwood has said you reak of BO, booze, terrible breath, and an IQ Corkey Thatcher would pass up. Lindsay, go live off of the royalties from Mean Girls and Pray for a miracle. You're the only one from that movie that never did anything

299 days ago


Oh like the people who created American Horror Story will let her on

299 days ago


No. This is my favorite:
Lindsay is hilarious. So sober. So serious. She's a victim. It's her parents fault. What happens when she, if she turns 40. Still Mommy/Daddy's fault. Grow up. She's gross. Courtney Love looks attractive when we are talking about Lindsay. She's not considered an actress. She's a former child star. Nothing more. When you're pushing 30, only known as a Disney kid when it comes to relevance, time to cut the rope. She's the laughing stock of Hollywood for acting, she's never been considered cute/hot. She has crack rotted teeth, refuses' to wear a bra, and can't even make a career as an actress when she still considers herself as some sort of an actress

299 days ago


If you are stupid enough to hire Lohan, you get what you deserve

299 days ago


Who's the bigger fools? People wanting a photo/autograph of LL, or the people who paid her?

299 days ago


Hiring The LoHag is the equivalent of eating yellow snow, you REALLY wish you hadn't done it........

299 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Morgan O’Connor: Meet The 18-Year-Old In a Purported Miley Cyrus–Lindsay Lohan Love Triangle

Buried in the (admittedly quite short) Page Six item about Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan’s “crazy night out” on Saturday (which involved “whispering in the corner” and leaving together after 5 a.m.) is the revelation that Lindsay is dating a Ralph Lauren model named Morgan O’Connor. But the plot—as plots so often seem to do when they involve Lindsay Lohan—thickens, as the paper reports it “also looked like he hit it off with Miley.” This, naturally, piqued our interest: who is this specimen currently romantically embroiled with both of these mega-watt tabloid staples, one arguably past her heyday, the other at the peak of her own?

Here’s what we learned:

1) He’s 18. Yup, Morgan was born in 1995, the year “Waterfalls” and “Gangster’s Paradise” ruled the airwaves, and three years before a tween Lohan would appear in The Parent Trap.

2) He’s got dreadlocks. Ford Models, which is no doubt thrilled about this spat of press their boy’s about to receive (“A+ work, Morgan! We barely had to do anything and you’re already in Page Six in a Miley Cyrus item”), has this to say about the “newcomer” on their site, in a description which evokes high school art-history papers: “His classic all-American style is contrasted by his dreadlocks, making him a face to watch this season.”

3) He’s hung out with bold-faced names already. At some point last month Morgan made Prince Albert—pretty much as far as you can get from Lindsay/Miley on the Famous-People Spectrum—his acquaintance. And his beshawled mother was there, too!

4) He’s a Rich Kid of Instagram. Morgan appears to belong to the subset of youngsters known as Rich Kids of Instragram, who post pictures of their lavish lifestyles and carefree carousing. (We have a feeling his feed, which currently has 3,500 followers, will be set to private any minute now.)

5) It would seem he has a bright future as a model. In this Ralph Lauren F/W 2013 shot (pictured above), he somehow manages to make those strappy things that hold sunglasses around your neck look not-dorky, which is no small feat.

299 days ago
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