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Brooke, Denise

Declare Temporary Truce in Custody War

11/7/2013 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1107-brooke-mueller-leaving-court-tmzBrooke Mueller and Denise Richards were actually cordial with each other during a mandatory sit-down with a chief honcho from the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services ... but the drama is far from over ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported ... Denise and Brooke showed up at an L.A. courthouse today and met with DCFS Medical Director Dr. Charles Sophy.  We're told Sophy also asked Charlie Sheen to attend the meeting, but Sheen declined.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... although the 2 warring women were not openly hostile toward each other, their problems were NOT solved during the 4-hour session.  We're told Denise is still waffling on whether she'll continue to serve as temporary guardian for twins Bob and Max.

Here's what our sources say happened in the meeting:

 --- Sophy did a lot of clarifying as to what the goals were -- specifically, to gradually "reunify" Brooke with her kids

--   Sophy made it clear the goal is not for Denise to keep custodial control over the twins.  Her role would diminish as Brooke became stronger and able to provide parenting.  We're told this will be a slow process and Sophy established more specific guidelines as to how it will happen

--   There was an acknowledgment by all that Bob and Max have been significantly damaged psychologically by the turmoil in the family

--  There was also an acknowledgment ... there is no "magic bullet" to solve their emotional problems 

--  Charlie is NOT being looked at as an option for custody

--   As for Denise, she still feels Brooke is interfering with the proper treatment of Bob and Max, and fears the twins will physically hurt her daughters

--  We're told there was no evidence Brooke has lapsed back into drug use

We're told no follow-up meetings are scheduled with Sophy and the women.   We're told DCFS social workers will now take over.  As for when Brooke gets full custody -- currently she's getting 2 overnights a week and 3 days.  We're told the process of full custody will be fairly slow.

NOW GET THIS!!!  Charlie, Brooke and Denise all live in the same exclusive gated community -- Mulholland Estates.  Guess who else lives there?  CHARLES SOPHY!

Only in Hollywood.



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So DCFS listens to Brooke (20+ times in rehab) but not to Richards who has witnessed the disturbing behavior of the children that needs immediate attention. This is not going to turn out well. Of course Charlie couldn't make it.

317 days ago


It's being reported elsewhere that Brooke had a major meltdown at the CPS meeting and went after Denise

317 days ago


Where is the guardian ad litum j(sorry for spelling) for these children. Shouldn't he or she have stepped in and had those boys evaluated? It's their job to represent the children and only the children.

317 days ago


First of all Brooke was on drugs and went to rehab. She deserves to get her kids if she stays straight. Now Charlie is still out there, he's on drugs, he drunks and has hookers around him. That is not a safe environment for any of his kids unsupervised. He thinks because he's Charlie sheen that he should be treated like a god. He's unstable mentally.

317 days ago


This is proof that the courts and social services are completely out of control. Mother is a junkie, father is well Charlie. And the kids are living with the only sane/responsible caretaker but family services wants to end all that. If Charlie is not a competent parent and is ruled out by family services then there is no way Brooke should get the kids either. Charlie is at least looking out for the kids by trying to keep them with Denise.

317 days ago


Why doesn't Charlie take care of his own kids? I mean, that is what we do in the REAL WORLD!

317 days ago


Can you imagine the countless families and children whose lives are permanently destroyed because of the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services.
Now the bastards are freaking out because the entire WORLD have seen how inept and catty its staff is and the preferential treatment given to celebrities.
DISGUSTING!!! There is no way IN HELL that I'd live in that state.

317 days ago


Why would Brooke deny the kids evaluation and treatment? If they don't get what they need, it's just going to come out later and she will just look like a worse mother than she does now. I get that Brooke's image is not the point here--the kids are--but it is the point to Brooke or she would consent to counseling.

317 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

...fears these four year old twins will physically hurt her daughters?... YIKES!!!

317 days ago


I think if I were in Denise's place, I would have to decline taking them back into my home. I would put my own children before my ex-husbands. Sad situation........

317 days ago


Denise is "waffling"? This woman took on someone else's children, for no personal gain, and you call her "waffling" where she's persisted for a long time and is finally saying "these children need help, I raise them but I'm not allowed to get them help" - THIS IS WAFFLING?? That is really serious in relation to the well-being of these kids. If Denise was a "waffling" type, she'd never have taken the responsibility on to begin with.

For SHAME, SHAME, SHAME TMZ. There is NOTHING in it for you to slag this woman off but a few cheap clicks on salacious headlines. It's irresponsible and truly despicable.

317 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

If Brooke gets the kids back she needs to be pee-tested weekly for illegal drugs and addictive prescriptions. If she misses or fails a test it is automatic loss of custody.

317 days ago


Charlie is self obsessed with pervasive delusions of grandeur. He has always treated women in how he can benefit from them. It's no wonder the boys without any reliable male role model are having emotional/empathy issues.
Brooke has got to stay off the bad ****e.

317 days ago


ROL has a totally different story on how things went down. Their story is that Brooke totally freaked out on Denise... and basically that DCFS is pressuring Denise to continue the care of these boys until 3 weeks (or so) from now when the boys will be back with Brooke.


Whatever the case, if what Denise proclaimed is true-- that the twins have strangled, punched, kicked etc--- Denise's children and pets... then that's a dealbreaker.


I feel sorry for the twins -- they were dealt a crappy hand in life to be born to two selfish, indulgent, arrogant, messed up parents.. but there is no way I'd risk my own children (and pets) safety trying to be Wonder Woman...


I bet Charlie is putting the pressure on Denise as well... That poor woman.

316 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Ok, but I still would like to know what happen to the side of that sweet little kid's face?
If Denise fears that this woman, or even Charlie for that matter will hurt children, than HELLO SAM!! Red flag! LISTEN TO HER!! "If" charlie has lost his temper and has beat women before, what would stop him from hitting a kid? Also, a mother that can't put her children first over taking drugs, should not be around children. You try to be a good mother and not to set bad examples for your children to follow.


316 days ago
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