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Bieber to Lil Twist

You Can Have Our

Stupid Catch Phrase

11/7/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
has officially KILLED his plans to create a clothing line called "Wild Kidz" -- but he's letting one of his old lackies munch on the scraps ... TMZ has learned.

Of course, "Wild Kidz" was that stupid catch phrase Bieber and his friends Lil Za and Lil Twist would shout while doing dumb crap like pissing in mop buckets and flipping off ex-Presidents.

Bieber's people filed paperwork to trademark the phrase for a clothing line back in September ... and it seemed like the brand was on the fast track to production.

But as we previously reported, Bieb and the Lils started having some problems with their relationship (Bieb kicked 'em out of his Calabasas home) ... and in October, Lil Twist made a play for the brand by filing a trademark application for the name "W.I.L.D. Kidz." (See what he did there?)

Clearly, a war was brewing ... but sources tell us Bieber is planning to wave the white flag because he's OVER the company -- and doesn't care enough to fight Twist for the rights to the name.

So in the end, Twist gets everything he wanted ... well almost everything ... 'cause he's still banned from sleepovers at Justin's place. Sad.


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Just saw him sleeping on wshh lol

350 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

I guess puberty is hitting.. They each have 12 lip hairs now. They look so cute together. Its a shame their in a spat over clothes and sleep overs. Maybe twist is jealous over the brothel visits bieds recently had? They'll look at their matching Pj's one night soon. Burst into tears and run to each others arms.. I love you Cookie.... I love you Cream....
And they lived happily ever after

350 days ago

JoeSmack go here if you wanna see burner sleeping while a brazilian chick records him lol

350 days ago



350 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    


350 days ago


EW - Lil Za's finger nail is CREEPY!

350 days ago


What Lil Twit and his other Lil buddy should do is find someone to write a book for them and write a tell all book about The Bieb. Let out all of his stories like all of the drugs.

350 days ago


How is this news?

350 days ago


I'm glad to see JB has cut ties with those liitle douchebags. I'm in no way a bieber fan, but he was acting like a little douche himself when he was around those 2 little nobodys. They can have that dumb clothing name, its not like they are going to have any success with it. They might in the beginning,just because of the ppeople who think justin is tied to it, but once people know he's not, it will die off.

350 days ago


Lil twist myy nuuuutttzz 2 beeetch neegggass

350 days ago


Does Twit get spousal support too?

350 days ago

Jocelyn Lynette Watson     

I'm so sick of hearing about this scrawny, emo, narcissistic, immature, selfish douche nouzzle. What happened to kids of this generation? What they consider "music" & "talent" is unbelievable. I DESPISE this child!!! All this fame, money, attention for a talentless selfish S.O.B.!!! This he/she should be deported back to Canada & left alone put in the wilderness to fend for "himself". I MIGHT consider him not just a waste of space & natural resources if he could do that...What's wrong with this generation?? People like him, the Kardashions, Spears, ALL "music" that isn't REAL metal, guys that look like girls, girls who look like guys & all the rest of the sheeple that can't think for themselves, follow the herd & care about what these idiots do, watch their shows, listen to their "music", etc. THINK FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE!!!

350 days ago


with no actual funds to create the clothing line what good is that lame name? wonder whos car he will drive now?

350 days ago


so apparently all you have to do today to get into the rap put lil in front of something.and you are a rapper.

350 days ago


Has to be a girls line of clothing?

350 days ago
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