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Brooke, Charlie

Brooke's Brother Wins Guardianship of Twins

11/8/2013 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-denise-charlie-brooke-tmzThere has been a changing of the guard ... Brooke Mueller's brother, Scott, has just gone to court and won temporary guardianship of Brooke and Charlie Sheen's twins Bob and Max ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported ... Denise Richards -- who had temporary guardianship -- made it clear to the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services during a meeting Thursday -- she could no longer handle Bob and Max because they were violent toward her daughters.

We've learned DCFS has signed off on Scott becoming guardian.  We're told he will get the children tonight.

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Those poor boys, they are acting out because of what they are being put through from the way the parents are behaving. It is always the children that suffer from the parents acting like this

358 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He'll be driving a new car by the end of the year.

358 days ago


Can you imagine being a pawn between your parents, then being sent off to live with two other separate people all before you were 5 years of age? Way to make disturbed adults you two. Those poor children.

358 days ago


Poor kids, how fd up is it to come into this world without a choice and be stuck with dead beats for parents. Parents are suppose to love, nurture, protect you, teach you right and wrong.... these parents are going to the be the reason why these boys become murderers,rapist or whatever else...My guess is they will be abusive towards their S/O and fall straight into hard core drugs... all because two LOSERS couldnt not keep their pants up.

358 days ago


Why does anyone need $55,000 a month to raise two children? Some people raise their family on that much over a whole year!

358 days ago


Why is DCFS not addressing the fact that Brooke has been blocking the necessary therapy for Bob & Max? IMO, her refusal to get them that MUCH needed help should be criminal!

358 days ago


Everyone who is Blaming DCFS or Brook is half right for not getting the kids treatment. Half is on Brook the other Half is on Charlie, I can see why Brook was fighting Denise, Because if you take the Celebrity out of it the whole Situation would make for The Jerry Springer Show. It is not just the kids who need treatment Charlie and Brook Has to get treated along with their kids, but that is the other problem One or both Parents will refuse that.

358 days ago


Poor kids getting bounced atound again!!!

358 days ago


For a mother to have her children paraded around to different people for guardianship paints a very very bad picture as a woman. I don't think she ever wanted to emotionally have those kids. To her they weren't financial means to drugs and other luxuries the minute they were conceived.

358 days ago


You and Brooke need to get back to one another! For the sake if your boys!;

358 days ago


I know Denise tried to do the right thing, but sometimes you just can't help a situation. She cannot risk her daughters healthy happy home life to keep them either. Both parents need to lose custody and give these boys a chance in a stable home envirnment. So sad, more Hollywood kids lost in the shuffle. What I would like to know is where is Martin Sheen and his wife, why are they not helping?

358 days ago


Using drugs is a choice! Not a disease as some make it out to be! That's just an excuse. She has all the means and resources to stop this habit and be a better parent to her children. She chooses drugs instead! If those children were to e taken away from her completely but still keep her $55,000 I have no doubt she would welcome that. No real mother refuses to seek professional help for her own children when she very well knows they are problematic to others

358 days ago


There's another tragedy here. How many all-too-limited resources did DCFS expend cleaning up the mess and taking responsibility for raising the children of spoiled, narcissistic, dysfunctional multimillionaires while thousands of poor children in desperate need were abused, neglected, starved and trafficked? Charlie Sheen, et al., should pay a massive fine to the State of California for reckless parenting.

358 days ago


Where is the lamestream media to call Carlos a deadbeat dad and stop giving him a WINNING status!! I am quite sure if he was of another hue there would be all kinds of deadbeat dad comments thrown around!

358 days ago


I don't get it! Why isn't Charlie getting them?

358 days ago
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