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Miley Cyrus

Lights Up Joint On-Stage ...

Because She Can

11/11/2013 12:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111013_miley_cyrus_launchMiley Cyrus traded twerking for toking at the EMAs -- the European version of MTV's VMAs -- puffing a fat joint on live TV Sunday night.

Cyrus performed twice during the show without sparking any controversy -- but while accepting the award for Best Video she shocked everyone by lighting up.

The awards were in Amsterdam, so she probably won't get in trouble, and Miley took full advantage ... while wearing a onesie and fur coat.

Guess marijuana isn't the only thing they're lax about over there.

update_bar When the EMAs aired in the U.S. ... Miley's joint smoking was edited out.



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Its a shame really... she is stealing Pink's look and kinda looking like white trash while she does it.. Pink had this look long before your trashy ass... and she didn't rely on her body or shock to succeed.. You know what made Pink what she is??? Pure ****ing talent and real bad ass while STILL having major class... you are a child... you think weed makes you cool? lol... sure..... you have a lot of growing up to do... and you should realize that like it or not...... kids and teens do look up to you... and you chose the way you began your career and those kids are still following you.. grow up but god, do you have to be soo gross and pathetic?? My girls used to look up to you.. and at 16, my daughter now looks at you and laughs.. says something don't you think............

316 days ago


She is beyond desperate for attention. Why doesn't she let her singing do the work instead? The funny thing is that she thinks that she invented pot smoking. It's old news girl, try something new like talent!!

316 days ago


Miley strikes a much needed blow for her rights and freedoms ! I wish she would do that nudie show in Saudi Arabia, or in some place where it might actually make a difference. But that would take guts.

316 days ago


I can't believe TMZ was going off about how cool this girl is. She is trying way too hard to be cool, to be cool.

316 days ago


go away!!! please!!!!!!!! stop doing these stupid things that force us to see u in t.v and everywhere else....
feel proud of yourself the day we see your on t.v amd everywhere else because you have done something productive, not something stupid like you.

316 days ago


Sooner or later this dog is gonna run out of new tricks!

316 days ago


She's starting to look pathetic. Smh. Grow the f up, Miley.

316 days ago

Sheryl Bratcher    

I love it! Just keepin' her name in he press and raking in the dough!

She knows exactly what she's doing!

316 days ago

Margaret Merrick     

She is out of control. I blame her parents. If they had not been so lenient with her when she was growing up she would not be doing these things now. Look at Selena Gomez. Nothing to be said to the contrary that she is a decent, sweet girl. Sorry, Miley. Now you just have the tramps attention. You have lost the most important audience you ever had!!

316 days ago

g tuck    

There all going to burn in hell.

316 days ago


For God's sakes what a dirty gutter slut. Her F#cking Snapper is coming through her tights. Just sick ;-(

316 days ago


What a great role model for all the young fans who idolize her.

316 days ago

woolly -Bear    

I can see camel toe big time. Christ she might as well be naked. Not attractive Miley. You'll be pushing up Daisies in a year. Soooooo long CRAZY BITCH. Good Parenting Billy Ray Cirus.

316 days ago


Actually she can't because smoking in the work place is prohibited in the Netherlands and that stage is work place. Someone will get a fine.

316 days ago

Cotton Mather    

She's the nutz , would love to party with her.....

316 days ago
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