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Brooke Mueller

Be Careful What You Wish For

11/11/2013 8:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Brooke Mueller
 celebrated her birthday with twins Bob and Max ... and you could see the wheels turn as she made a wish before blowing out the candles.

Brooke was at the L.A. Zoo with the 4-year-olds she had with Charlie Sheen, when everyone stopped for a makeshift birthday celebration.  The video was taken in August, just after she lost custody of her kids.

It's an interesting peek.  By the way, watch one of the twins as she tries talking to him.


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Talk is cheap!!! Bob and Max always look miserable when photographed with Brooke. Kids aren't stupid, you know!

345 days ago


Is it the meth or the Botox that makes her look like a drugged Joan Rivers.

345 days ago


Bob and Max will both make fine Pimps one day.

345 days ago


I love how the kid defends himself with a elbow to her chin, He is probably thinking that his mom smells like coke, sweat and shame.

345 days ago


I feel bad for the kids. If she "loved them so much" she wouldn't put them through the misery that she apparently is. The one gives her the elbow....take the hint and stay away.

345 days ago

Lisa G    

That was so fake. I'm surprised she was able to remember all those lines. She is such a huge loser. We all know she loves her crack pipe more than she loves those boys.

345 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

God TMZ, you people are so far up Sheen's butt it's pathetic.
Hey Charlie, why don't YOU take care of your own children? It seems that all you want to do is throw some money at them and hope they raise themselves. You're first wife doesn't want them anymore, your second wife is incapable of taking care of them, so why don't you step up to the plate and take over their health and welfare?
Oh, that's right, you're nothing but a drugged out dirt bag who want's to take over without actually having to take over.
BTW, your fantastic TV show has had under a million viewers for 12 of the last 13 weeks - it's regularly under 700,000 viewers per new show now. It usually doesn't break into the top 100 cable shows. Why don't you worry about the fact you've become a total failure in life? DOn't ask me if you're a failure. Ask any of your kids who's lives you want to control without actually taking care of them. They'll tell you Dad's nothing more than a crack head with bought and paid for girlfriends.
You really are pathetic.

345 days ago

Los Pepes    

I take a Charlie Sheen every morning

345 days ago


Max and Bob look like savages. Of course sitting in front of a table of slushies and nachos makes it a special occasion with a trashy mom like Brooke.

345 days ago


Those kids have total distain for her already...wait until puberty! See what you have created Brooke?

345 days ago


Those kids have absolutely no connection to her whatsoever---what kid doesn't join in singing happy birthday by age 4...that's just weird..4 year olds are interested and absorbed by birthdays and want to help blow out candles etc. This child gave a clear and prominent elbow to his mom when she tried to make contact

345 days ago


Wow, if she was sober while they filmed that then I am the president. She may not have been on meth but she is definitely on something. That was NOT a sober person. Those kids loathe her, you can tell. Even if a kid is drinking his/her favorite drink they will still kiss their mom or dad when they lean in for a kiss. That little boy wanted nothing and I mean nothing to do with her. Knowing what they have probably seen with her, you can understand why. I am not saying their father is any better because he is not, but I will give Charlie this, at least he knows he is not a good parent. He doesn't try to pretend that he is "father of the year" like Brooke is trying to be "mother of the year". All parents make mistakes raising their children. There isn't one pair who haven't. However most of us don't go off on drug infused binges like these two did. I also have to think that in some way either alcohol or the drugs that Brooke used during her pregnancy has effected these boys. However I worry a great deal that they have witnessed something very traumatic based on the behavior that Denise Richards witnessed when they locked themselves in her youngest daughter's room and then would not unlock the door and when Denise and security finally did gain entry those two young boys were found in the daughter's bathroom, one going to the bathroom in the bathtub and the other one flinging excrement around the bathroom walls. That is not normal behavior and something like that, most psychologists will say is related to a trauma that they experienced but can't express so the only way to express the frustration is to do what they did in that bathroom. I have worked on a psychiatric ward when I was going through nursing school. It is very difficult to see some of the things that the mind will make someone due if they are abused or treated in such a way that it provokes such a response, as was the case with those boys. If Denise's account is accurate and truthful then there is something very bad that happened with those boys and their mother, as this incident happened after spending the night with her. I don't know what that could have been, but to provoke that kind of response from 3-4 year old children is very troublesome. I hope that they get the psychiatric help they need and hopefully they are not put on medications to help treat them. Psychiatric medications at this young of an age would in my opinion be disastrous. What they do need and unfortunately I doubt they will get it, is a consistent routine in a home where there is a calm atmosphere and where the boys can openly talk about what has happened to them and how that can then be treated with positive reinforcement and not spending a night at this parent's house and then spending the night at someone else's house. That is not what they need right now. In fact while I am rarely ever in favor of complete removal from the parents in most cases, in this case I would recommend it based on the mother's lack of ability to stay sober & clean for more than a few months at most and the father's on going battles with alcohol and drugs as well. I think by having them in a neutral environment where they can grow and flourish without pressure from either parent would really be in their best interest. However that will not happen and unfortunately I think we will one day read that something tragic has happened to one or both of these boys and most likely it will be while in the care of their mother.

345 days ago

Leave me alone    

They're four year olds with slurpees in front of them, did you expect a speech? Whoever wrote this obviously does not have kids. Give her a break, she's trying.

345 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

2 goons for parents, poor kids

345 days ago


Those people repeating themselves over and over about Charlie not having the children---NEITHER OF THEM SHOULD HAVE THESE CHILDREN---LET'S FOCUS ON THE ANUSBRAIN THAT HAS THEM IN HER CLUTCHES.

If Brooke were giving birth to drug positive children in skid row, they would have taken them away as soon as they were born. The fact that she has $55,000.00 per month and a $3,000,000.00 property handed to her and doesn't lift a finger to even clean her own house, let alone work--you think she might have spent enough time with her kids to create a bond with them and to teach them how to behave in a restaurant (and I don't care if its nachos and slurpees). When a child misbehaves, they go in time out outside the restaurant with mom or grandpa (whomever) until they learn to sit in front of their meal and eat it properly. THAT IS A MOTHER'S JOB. SHE IS NOT THERE TO PARTY AND DO DRUGS AND SAY THANK YOU TO 4 YEAR OLDS. SHE IS THERE TO TEACH THEM AND NURTURE THEM AND IT IS CLEAR BY THE ELBOW THAT NO NURTUING TOOK PLACE

345 days ago
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