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Tom Cruise

Video Shows Actor Scoffs at War Comparison

11/11/2013 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has seen the VIDEOTAPE of Tom Cruise's deposition, and here's what's clear ... he scoffs at the comparison between his job as an actor and a soldier in Afghanistan, but only at the end of a contentious exchange with the opposing lawyer.

We were not able to record the video but we viewed the portion in question several times.  You see a buttoned-up Tom -- wearing a coat, a vest and a white shirt -- sitting almost motionless with his lips pursed, as the lawyer asks:

    -- "Now, your counsel has publicly equated your absence from Suri for these extended periods of time as being analogous to someone fighting in Afghanistan.  Are you aware of that?"

As the question is asked, Tom does not change his expression.  He doesn't scoff, laugh or show any sort of shock.  He sits impassively. 

Tom's lawyer objects and then says he can answer.  Tom remains stoic.

Then he answers:

   -- "I didn't hear the Afghanistan, but that's what it feels like, and certainly on this last movie, it was brutal.  It was brutal."

When Tom says "I didn't hear the Afghanistan, but that's what it feels like," he doesn't laugh but moves in his chair.  When he says "It was brutal, it was brutal" ... Cruise laughs.

Then when the lawyer says "Do you believe the situations [being in a movie and fighting a war in Afghanistan] are the same?" ... Cruise becomes almost indignant and says, "Oh come on."  At this point he is clearly saying they're not the same.

Short story.  It seems like Cruise got sucked into the lawyer's hyperbole and was showing a little too much macho at the beginning of the exchange, when he said, "That's what it feels like.  It was brutal, it was brutal."  And then when the lawyer crystallized it ... Cruise realized what was happening and made a clear statement he didn't view his acting like fighting in a war.


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People really need to stop taking every single comment so seriously. every damn thing is "racist, or insensitive". people make exaggerated statements. someone says "I feel like hell today"...then there's a damn press conference saying "do you feel hot ? are you on fire ? dont you think its a little insensitive to satan to say this ?!"geesh people, just stop !

315 days ago


I don't think "Oh come on" is a clear statement that shows he doesn't believe his job is like that of the heroes in Afghanistan putting their lives on the line for us. He may not have said it exactly but he didn't immediately stop the hyperbole. He thinks he's some kind of super hero. But yeah, I think TMZ received a little talking to by his lawyers over the weekend. lol

315 days ago


Put his arse in Afghanistan and lets see just what brutal is. Cruise doesn't have what it takes to go to war. The coward.
PS He isn't even that good of an actor. In fact he's lousy.

315 days ago

Jay W.     

Another fine example of the...

"don't believe everything you read or hear."

315 days ago


America this iz very real war that imploded the World Trade Center - Asymmetrical Warfare. People put to much emphasis on the asymmetrical side of this phrase and not enough en the fact it iz real war that we all know now - for this war iz en our homeland. Every person en America should take a moment and read the article en Time magazine the day after nine eleven there iz much testament en that article its Titled (A Case for Rage and Retribution). America you know that separation of Church and State iz en the Constitution for this very reason - Congress haz no right to violate this law. Ask yourselves one question why iz Dianetics non fiction. Dianetics entire being iz based en a stolen word a "Book Theif" to be sure. The word Engram was birthed from a Scientific vocabulary en 1908 az a hypothetical change en neural tissue postulated to account for memory. The dead author of this doctrine stole that word and placed it en Dianetics to account for hiz demon from Hitler. Congress had and haz no right to catalogue this az non fiction - true fact. Again Scientologist are incidental to Dianetics real purpose that violates The Constitution of America and all people withen these constructs. Any comment Mr. Cruise - Mr. Travolta - how about the Ecclesiastical leader of Dianetics. With the power given to Dianetics through The constructs of The United States Library of Congress (that iz the governing body of Congress) Dianetics haz reached en to over 100 countries with a stolen word. One man created - one man hypothesized - one man postulated - one man codified - one man dictated - by one Congress az non fiction true fact. America the devil iz always en the detailz. How about our current leader Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama - any public comment sir - how do you feel about this war en our homeland - The War of Asymmetry that you inherited - Mr. Bush promised resolve en this war and we are still unresolved. (Oh no he didn't) Oh yes I did - for I am en truth. Ariscottle

315 days ago


Once a TOOL always a TOOL.. I have no doubt he said it...

315 days ago


TMZ will be sued next for lying about his deposition and Kate's reason for divorce.

315 days ago


This sounds like a lawyer working overtime to repair his out of touch client's image. Tom Cruise's deposition is getting more attention for his war comments than for the lawsuit he filed against the magazine. Tom is so sanctimonious and he files a suit against anyone that looks at him funny. This magazine claimed he abandoned Suri, and most people reading that story wouldn't have believed it anyway. By making a big deal about a tabloid story, he has made a whole new story, which deals with his mental stability, again. I used to be a fan of Tom Cruise, but after his views on mental health and that now infamous interview with Matt Lauer, among other things, has changed my views about him. And not in a good way. Bottom line, Tom Cruise, like Charlie Sheen, is really, really creepy and kinda scary. Suri is probably much better off with Katie as the primary custodial parent.

315 days ago


It doesn't matter that his lawyer first said it - he carried it on when he claimed his movie gig felt like Afghanistan and it "was brutal, brutal".. He likely made multimillions for that gig and to even carry it on --- even if it was a joke --- was demeaning to our military.


Tom's a has-been.. His arrogance and condescending mannerisms and attitudes -- crafted straight from Miscavige and Scientology-- have been his downfall... I wonder if he'll ever wake up, like Leah Remini?

315 days ago


He' still an arse and he's still short

315 days ago

My words     

Open mouth. Insert foot. Playing in a military role in a movie is NOT the same Tom. You're nothing but a 'Top Douche'. Go back to drinking your grape koolaid.

315 days ago


next time I see TC in person, I will punch the ****er in the face

315 days ago

Tom did not enlist in the military.He's a professional.A professional actor. A soldier is a professional.A professional soldier.I am retired military,even I know the difference.Too much hate in Hollywood and towards actors from civilians.Cut and dry.

315 days ago


tmz back peddling.. tom must have threatened to sue.i mean they saw the vid but couldnt record it lol. he is a delusional prick.

315 days ago


I've always been entertained by TMZ - but the BS is getting a little too deep.
This story is made up and quotes taken out of context.

315 days ago
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