'Amish Mafia' Star Esther Schmucker Bruised, Battered & Out Of Hiding

11/12/2013 9:55 AM PST

"Amish Mafia" star Esther Schmucker has come out of hiding -- revealing her bruised and battered face in public for the first time since her boyfriend allegedly used it as a punching bag.

Schmucker was sporting a seriously black eye as she went out on a shopping run ... but she didn't have much to say, telling a photographer, "I don't feel like talking to anybody."

As we reported ... the beatdown left Schmucker with a broken nose and cheekbone ... and several broken teeth.  She hasn't been seen in public  since her boyfriend -- Imir R. Williams -- was arrested for the Oct. 31 attack on her face.

Williams -- a rapper who goes by the name Mirkat -- has been charged with felony aggravated assault in connection with the beating and is currently behind bars in a Pennsylvania prison.