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Brooke Mueller

I've Already Won the War

Charlie Will Pay Out His Ass

11/12/2013 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is quietly smiling to herself -- because she believes she's already won her custody battle against Charlie Sheen ... all thanks to his self-sabotaging rants ... and it's gonna cost him big.

Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ, they believe Brooke has gained the upper hand in the custody war after Charlie's foul-mouthed blustering against Brooke, the judge, and the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.

Thanks to the diatribes, we're told DCFS now believes Charlie is off his rocker ... and it's more inclined than ever to give Brooke full custody of twins Bob and Max, which is what DCFS always wanted.

But that's not it -- we're told Brooke isn't just confident she'll get full custody, she believes the judge will now award her even MORE child support from Charlie than she previously received ($55,000 per month).




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I feel bad for Charlie Sheen. I know, I know, he's done a lot of this to himself. But even Charlie Sheen shouldn't be saddled with Brooke Mueller. She should get her act together .. get a job like a real person .. stop the drugs .. and think of the children first FOR A CHANGE.

HEY BROOKE ... Charlies money is NOT your money. You didn't earn it. He did. You don't deserve anything. Go get a freak'n job.

344 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

TMZ is psychic, they know what's going on inside of Brooke's crazy brain without even talking to her, that's amazing.

344 days ago


Well they’ve always ignored the fact that she’s turning these little boys into future serial killers so I guess it’s not surprising. Too bad they let their pride get in the way of seeing the best place for these boys is not with that psycho witch. Not liking Charlie is no excuse for not doing the right thing for those kids.

344 days ago


That was she can buy more Adderal. She hasn't won anything but the kids sure have lost!

344 days ago


yes and all the extra funds will be directed up her nose or slammed into her veins. Whore doesn't deserve jack s@it.

344 days ago


sure, give her more money, $55000 a month wasnt quite enough for her to kill herself with...

344 days ago


2nd of 2

Charlie's Mission Statement was clear.

Denise Richards Mission Statement was clear.

Force Brooke's hand in getting child therapist(s) involved -

MAKE Brrooke.

So either way Bob and Max win and won.

Either way:

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards won.

I saw and see it as a great ad campaign -

-draw interest and attention to the plight of two kids.

Badly in need of a Denise-discovered UCLA child psychologist -

You can't lose with UCLA people in the fields of psychiatry/psychology.

They're state-of-the-art.

I have intimate knowledge and data in this regard.

In fact was TREATED by them.

344 days ago


All she cares about is the money. Does she even remember that she has kids?

344 days ago


The concept of marriage went down the drain the very moment some smart-ass woman came up with the idea of making marriage nothing but a business proposition.
Every dude in his right mind would NEVER get married this time and day.

Legislation has suddenly imposed a price tag on the intangible asset of marital fidelity - for example - WTF?

In the end, the good thing is that the victory for women everywhere was VERY temporary indeed: By establishing a perfectly legal way to screw dudes over royally, NO ONE WILL EVER WANT TO MARRY YOU! And, as you know, men age better than women. So good luck in your twilight years.

Every dude who gets married under current legislation should, together with being issued his marriage certificate, be placed under a permanent conservatorship.

And, along the way, women have established themselves their place in the history of mankind as the undertakers of love, the concept of family and a sheltered home. How does it feel, munching on your mooched-off divorce settlement funds now, BEYOTCHES? Make sure they'll last you a while, because another dude will go for a younger and hotter runner-up. Chew on that, Mueller.

344 days ago


she hopes he pays her crack dealer is waiting!

344 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

talk about selling children for money, truly classless celebs

344 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Yet another story that has quotes attributed to a person yet absolutely no proof that they ever said anything like it.
"Reliable sources" with no proof of reliability. DCFS saying "they always wanted to give the children to Muller" when in fact they have taken them away from her multiple times.
The best you can muster is "we're told Brooke . . . " and "Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ". The worst that journalism has to offer in less than 200 words - I think TMZ may have broken their own record for groundless stories.

344 days ago


I hope he puts a 3rd party in charge of those kids finances, so she doesn't burn the money through drugs.

344 days ago


Money Whore
Screw the kids.... I'm Brooke, I just want DRUGS... & Charlies Money $$

344 days ago


always about the money you dead beat crack smoking whore back. in the end you will lose. keep snorting all that adderall. you may be tricking dcfs now but you will be back in rehab in a month.

344 days ago
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