Brooke Mueller On the House Hunt, Leaving Charlie's Orbit

11/12/2013 6:52 AM PST

Brooke Mueller -- Leaving Charlie Sheen's Orbit ... On the House Hunt

Exclusive Details

8:50 AM PT
-- Sources close to Brooke tell us, Brooke is looking to move because she believes that's what the court wants. We're told Brooke is under the impression she can't live under the same roof as her children -- and when her brother Scott moves in today with the twins, she feels she's required to find another place to live full-time until her custody rights are fully restored.

Brooke Mueller
seems to be subscribing to the adage, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," because she's got her sights set on moving out of Charlie Sheen's neighborhood.

Brooke was shopping for condos in Bev Hills Monday ... just a day before twins Bob and Max will be living with her full-time, under the watchful eye of Brooke's brother Scott.

Here's what's interesting.  Brooke has been living in a house Charlie bought just blocks from where he lives.  Things have gotten so bad between the 2, Charlie has been making noises that she's becoming persona non grata, so condo shopping is not surprising.

As for who will end up paying for the condo ... it's likely good ol' Charlie will end up footing the bill.  Brooke's child support was sliced in half after losing custody, but now that the kids will be living with her full-time, it's a safe bet Charlie will have to ante up $55k a month, just like in the good ol' days.