Audrina Patridge I'm NOT Invited to Lauren Conrad's Wedding ... Yet

11/13/2013 12:30 AM PST

Audrina Patridge's friendship with Lauren Conrad might be over for good ... 'cause the former MTV star tells us she hasn't been invited to LC's upcoming wedding yet ... and she's not sure she ever will be.

Conrad has been engaged for a solid month to her boyfriend William Tell ... and there are reports that she's looking to keep the wedding a non-MTV affair -- no Heidi, no Spencer, no drama (However, word on the street is Lo Bosworth will be a bridesmaid).

So, when we saw Audrina at LAX yesterday ... we had to ask -- did you make the cut???? We were kinda shocked by her answer. 

As anyone who's ever been involved with a wedding knows ... the guest list is a huge deal -- and people take it VERY personally if they're not invited when they think they should be. 

So, has the Patridge-Conrad friendship train reached the end of the line?

Stay tuned ...