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Katherine Jackson

APPEALS Decision

In Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Case

11/13/2013 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fight over Michael Jackson's death is NOT over, because Katherine Jackson has just appealed one of the judge's major decisions in the case ... TMZ has learned.

As you know, the jury ruled AEG was NOT responsible for MJ's death, concluding the company was not wrong in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray. Earlier in the case, the judge dismissed two key players as defendants ... CEO Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware, who was in charge of producing and promoting Jackson's "This Is It" concert tour.

Katherine and MJ's 3 kids sued for more than $40 billion, claiming the loss of Michael devastated their lives -- and now apparently believe the decision to dismiss Phillips and Gongaware torpedoed their case.

Katherine and co. are appealing the dismissal.

It's very difficult to overturn judge decisions in civil cases, but it can happen ... especially if the judge screwed up an important ruling.



No Avatar


Let the Drug addicted child molester rest in hell

345 days ago

Best Mom    

It is really time for the Jackson's to accept what the jury has ruled. They need to find some kind of happiness and peace in Michael's memory.

345 days ago


Lady let it go! You would have millions saved if you didn't waste it on lawyers fees. Jacksons are the greediest family ever.

345 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

What she needs to do is have someone fight to get that 70's and 80's stuff in that vault, in her hands!! That's what she needs to do! I think the Jackson children are in charge of that music when they are adults?? Uh, No f******bueno...... get that stuff now before they sell it! That's the ticket Mrs. Jackson. Get your sons legacy out of the hands of those children. Please.

345 days ago


Micheal Jackson is dead because he was a drug addict with unlimited resources that he used to gain access to the drugs he was addicted to.

345 days ago


Sue them Mama Jackson! Expose a bunch of people playing stupid. Give them HELL! (I mean: A hard time).

345 days ago


Katherine needs to force Paris, Prince, & Blanket
into the new "Jackson 3" dancing / music group.
And Grandpa Joe can help WHIP them into shape.

345 days ago


If you gave the Jacksons the choice between a $40 Billion payout VS Michael still being alive, is there ANY doubt which one they would choose? I think not.

345 days ago


No wonder the family is so screwed up if the mother can't face the reality that her son was responsible for his life and death. She can't pray away that fact and the money she'll loose. What a pathetic bunch of losers.

345 days ago


Will these leeches ever go away. Poor Michael, no wonder the guy was miserable, so many people living off of him. The pressure must have been unbearable. Let your son rest in peace, the gravy train was good while it lasted, but it's over. Move on.

345 days ago


Since they've never had to actually hold down an 8-5 job, they tend to panic, if the free money isn't rolling in.
Stop, already! We're sick of your foolish shena****ns.

345 days ago


Good for her. It's now been proven through the first trial that AEG hired Dr Murray. Since Dr Murray is a deadbeat, the only solution is to go after AEG. All you naysayers need to go click on a different keyboard.

345 days ago


Perhaps the money would be better spent on caring for MJ's children rather than on lawyers fees. Who has control over what MJ's money is being spent ? In 5 years time expect to see the children suing over the money wasted by the so called "adults".

345 days ago


This leach just has to go away. You know maybe if she was a better mother, Michael might be still with us.

345 days ago


Give it up Katherine. Your son killed himself period. He was a drug addict.

345 days ago
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