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'Goldbergs' Star

Horrific Car Crash

Eyes Allegedly Off the Road

11/13/2013 10:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"The Goldbergs" star Hayley Orrantia put a 23-year-old man in ICU with a brain injury recently after T-boning his car at a high speed -- allegedly while taking her eyes off the road.

19-year-old Orrantia had been filming all night on Sept. 28, the day of the accident.  The other driver's family says she ran a red light while checking the GPS on her phone, and then plowed into Ryan Houghton's car.

We're told Houghton was rushed to a nearby hospital with multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, and remained in the ICU for a week. He is now in a rehab facility.

Houghton's family is currently soliciting donations online to help pay his medical bills.

Drugs and alcohol are believed NOT to have been factors in the crash. Law enforcement sources tell us Hayley was cited for running a red light.

Orrantia's lawyer tells TMZ, "The Police record will speak for itself, Hayley was not touching the GPS when she was driving and the allegations are coming from people who were not in the vehicle nor present at the scene at the time."



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It happened on Sept 19th and we're first hearing about it now?

312 days ago

chris constant    

hollywood once again in trouble so waht else is new

312 days ago

Jackie Butler     

Since she ran the red light, her insurance should be paying the young man's medical bills! Why is his Family soliciting donations online? There must be millions of lawyers out there who can get him a fortune-not just enough to cover the bills! Those sites are for people who truly need the money and have no alternative but to take their troubles public by asking for help from strangers.

312 days ago

Grandma Knows The Evil of Mommas    

People need to realize accidents happen, it does not require wrongdoing for an accident to happen it does not require negligience for a tragic accident to happen. Using a GPS is no different than looking in a side or rear view mirror. It is part of driving. You would prefer she had been looking trying to read a street sign that is small print in the distance. GPS will tell you where to turn and in how many feet. So get off your high horse. I am glad you always know exactly where you are going and never need to look to the side or rear of your car. You never speak to or hear a passenger in your car. I doubt any of those things are true, It is easy to judge others perhaps more people should mind their own business.

312 days ago


she will get off . thats what celebrities do . they ruin people's lives and then walk away as if nothing happened .

312 days ago


Bottom line, she ran a red light by presumably NOT paying attention and she put an innocent person in the ICU with most likely, long life issues he now has to deal with. She should pay and pay big

312 days ago


She went through a red light. It's horrible that it happened to anyone for any reason. Whatever she was doing, it's a tragedy. I do have to say that she is not a good fit for the show at all. She looks hispanic and not Jewish and simply doesn't fit the role at all. They need a more ethnic (Jew) to act the role. Unfortunately now this may happen.

312 days ago


Unless there is proof she was driving and texting or using her phone, this is not gross negligence. It is negligence yes. But not "gross" negligence. There was no drinking involved. There was no drugs involved. Allegations of cell phone use are just that- allegations and are not fact until proven. You people need to read your car insurance policies because clearly most of you have no clue how car insurance works. Liability insurance ( to pay for other people's damages in case of an accident) is not an infinite amount. Whatever you pay for is what your company will pay. So if she has 5000$ property damage coverage and $15k per person/30k per instance- that is all her insurance will pay. They can't pay the limit until a release is signed. And before making judgments- thousands of people run red lights every single day. They turn left in front of people, they run top signs, they travel too closely and rear end people. It doesn't make them bad people. It is called an accident for that reason. Otherwise it would be an on purpose.

312 days ago


When giving her statement to the police she thought that saying she was looking at her GPS was less incriminating than saying she was texting or on the phone. Not realizing they are one in the same. So now her PR camp is trying very hard to soften this up but it's not going to work. Sorry.

312 days ago


She is still at fault. She RAN A RED LIGHT. That's just as bad as being drunk, except you do it on purpose.....

312 days ago


It's beside the point what she was looking at. The accident was her fault, period. She should be sued for negligence.

312 days ago


My union has been under pressure to keep the day to 12 hours yet the studios have not agreed; crew members have fallen asleep after 16 hour days in film and tv. I think they should hire a driver for these actors and crew members if they need to keep them working all night. His family should also sue her employer, the studio and the unions for knowing this was an issue that lost lives!!!!

312 days ago


Who cares whether she was checking her GPS or texting (which should be considered a serious offense in and of itself) the fact of the matter is that this idiotic girl has caused another person to be placed in ICU and now in a rehab facility because of her stupidity. She should be made to pay that man's medical bills for her stupid mistake!!!

312 days ago


taking her eyes off the road could mean she was proably texting or fiddlling around with something. she should offer to pay the guys medical bills before she gets sued to do so

311 days ago


Unfortunately reckless drivers are everywhere. September of last year, an old man driving a construction truck plowed right into me after running a red light. I was lucky enough to walk away from the accident but obviously it could have ended very badly. Bottom line, hayley should accept full responsibility & pay the damn medical bills of the guy she hit. She's on a hit T.V. show, she's got the money.

311 days ago
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