Tony Shalhoub Multi-Car Crash at Paramount Studios

10/24/2013 3:41 PM PDT

Tony Shalhoub -- Multi-Car Crash at Paramount Studios


"Monk" star Tony Shalhoub -- and his dog -- were involved in a multi-car accident right outside the Paramount Studios lot Wednesday, TMZ has learned ... and fortunately BOTH emerged unscathed. 

We obtained a photo of the crash scene ... showing Tony's electric SUV (the one marked EV) across from a Mercedes that appears to have suffered damage to the hood. 

A witness tells us ... Tony was rear-ended and propelled into another vehicle. By the look of things, it's likely the "other car" was the Mercedes. 

It appears a piece of the Benz was knocked into the street. 

Another SUV was hanging off the curb -- it's unclear if that car was struck in the collision or if it just swerved to get out of the way. 

Tony's ride didn't appear to suffer any real damage either. His dog can be seen in the front seat. The animal seems to be in good health as well. 

We're told no one involved in the wreck required immediate medical assistance. After the crash, Tony was pictured on the side of the street and appeared to be OK. 

One witness tells us Tony was swapping information with the other drivers involved -- and was in good spirits considering the situation. Cops arrived to the scene, but left after the drivers assured them everything was under control. 

We called Tony's rep for comment, Mary Goldberg -- but she didn't know jack about her client's condition.