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Chris Brown

'I've Always Had God'

11/15/2013 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown hit up a fancy restaurant Thursday night to celebrate his exit from anger management rehab ... and he made it clear -- he was not in search of God.

Brown was leaving Aventine in Hollywood at around midnight when a guy with an awesome beard ran interference for him.

Chris was mum on selling his house and moving West to the 'Bu. 

He was more expressive when it came to GF Karrueche, who got a little something on the cheek courtesy of Chris.


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Yup...God...and a pair of brass knuckles...

280 days ago

devil's advocate    

Is he sure he doesn't mean he's always had Yeezus? Now that I could believe.

280 days ago


Ive always had an urge to beat the living crap out you Chris and then show you what a tough guy you really are.... yeah tough guy laying on the cement...seeing the truth for what it really is... Repeat after me "I AM NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF CRAP, INSECURE, WOMAN BEATER, I BEAT WOMEN BECAUSE I AM REALLY WEAK, IT MAKES ME FEEL EMPOWERED TO BEAT ON WOMEN ..I AM A LOSER, I DESERVE TO BE DEAD"

280 days ago


Why is the law so F'd up..... this dude needs to be sitting in jail like the rest of the thugs. Ridiculous, makes me believe ZERO on our judicial system... then to make matters worst you got a bunch of retards being selected for jury duty!

280 days ago


God i love CHRIS BROWN!! What a bad ass...

280 days ago


I suppose he gives god advice and instruction daily.

280 days ago


wow. playing the god card. usually guys wait until they are on death row to whip that one out. maybe it's just a matter of time for this guy...

280 days ago


The incident with Rihanna should have been between those 2 and the judicial system. Instead, the public is involved and just won't stfu about it amd keeps trying to persecute this guy. You all need to GET OVER IT-Rihanna did.

280 days ago


this crackhead thought a couple off weeks in a posh clinic would impress the judge in his upcoming hearing....doubt it!

280 days ago

Ron Helton    

No wonder I can't find this mythical God, Chris Brown has been keeping him for himself.

280 days ago


Hmmm. If a POS chronic violent criminal was moving out of my neighborhood...How unhappy would I be?

280 days ago


Good for him. When people believe in beating him down for the rest of his life for a mistake he made as a TEENAGER, you all can go to hell. God would not be any more pleased with the mercilessness shown by so many of you. I support Chris Brown in any goals and efforts he makes to move forward from a not so great childhood and mistakes made in his yiuth. Haters have issues of their own they should be dealing with.

280 days ago

Wow ...    

A change in location will not change his problems. He needs to look in the mirror and change that man.

280 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I so enjoyed his absence. I guess all vacations gotta end sometime.

280 days ago


Umm, the Bible states that God has to want to come to you as well as you wanting to come to him. I wonder if CB belives that God has any reason to knock on the door (so to speak) of any man who won't admit who he really is. Not CAN'T admit (in this day & age??) but WON'T admit it. & then goes around trying to hurt females based on their own failures & insecurities. If that "man" is unwilling to stop telling that lie, what possible use would God have for the man?

280 days ago
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