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Jonathan Martin


11/15/2013 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jonathan Martin finally broke his silence and addressed the media for the FIRST TIME since leaving the Miami Dolphins ... and says he plans to RETURN to the NFL as soon as possible.

Martin had a meeting in NYC with the special counsel hired by the NFL ... to talk about his treatment by Dolphins teammates, including Richie Incognito -- who's been suspended for allegedly bullying Martin.

The lawyer -- who also conducted the special investigation of the Syracuse University basketball team sexual harassment case -- will try to find out if some of the Dolphins' locker room antics crossed the legal line.

After the meeting, Martin read a statement ... saying he plans to resume his NFL career, though he didn't specify if he meant the Dolphins or another pro squad.

But there's a catch -- for Martin to return, a team has to want to sign him ... and after the way the Miami situation has played out, the ball might not be in his court.

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No Avatar


hmmm how much are they paid? & they can't take it really really it's a locker room hello man up and stop your whinning

349 days ago

Mike L    

Wah, wah, wah!!! Whine a little bit. The more you whine the more you look like a little prima donna bitch. Did they hurt your feelings little bitch? I hope so. Be a man.

I hope somebody takes this bitches head off his first play back. Any chance they're playing against Suh?

349 days ago

The Zombie    

Wanna whine about being bullied? Go play flag football, sister.

349 days ago


Martin's mama is a lawyer who wrote on workplace harassment. Mama didn't get to her son to stop him from texting that he was going to kill Richie Incognito & family, How will mama have her baby say that's different than what Incognito said to her son.
Perhaps Marin felt he didn't have what it takes to make it in the NFL & drying racism was a way out. Now if he doesn't make it, he'll say this whole incident was too much to overcome to make it in the NFL.

349 days ago


He won't last. None of the players will trust him. He's a big baby.

349 days ago


What team wants a sissy who runs away because he got his feelings hurt. Buck up baby boy, either suck it up or punch the bully in the nose. AND you TMZ are just as guilty for going on and on about this, grow a pair, would ya.

349 days ago


Who cares.... This whole bully thing was just a quick witch hunt by the media. I find it funny that you cant kill someone, use homophobic slurs, say the N word, bully someone, but the media and shows can depict all that. And when it comes to judging they are always the 1st to do so. Hypocritical!

349 days ago


Jonathan - man up & stop being a sniveling wimp.

349 days ago


What TEAM in the NFL does he think he's going to play for? The Dolphins? I kind of doubt it. Getting the "silent treatment" will be the least of his problems. He "broke the bro code" in an NFL locker room. Not cool.

Gotta solve his issues with a-hole players hazing him inside the locker room somehow with the coaches and the owner or whatever without creating a big media circus.

349 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Wow, he looks REALLY gay. I see how this whole thing will shake out (so to speak).

349 days ago


Let me start by saying I'm a woman and I just don't get a lot of macho-male sports stuff. It can be annoying, obnoxious, and unattractive at times. That being said, what did this guy do, just wake up one day as an adult and decide he didn't want to work as an accountant anymore, he wanted to be a professional football player? Doubtful. I'm guessing like everyone else in the NFL he started as a boy and worked his way up through a high school team, college, then on to the pros. That is, at minimum, eight years in a locker room. And he wasn't used to this stuff by now? I'm guessing this is a very tricky way to get out of his contract with the Dolphins. Unfortunately, I'm thinking he's not very bright and getting bad advice from people who don't understand how things work in the NFL.

349 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Well that was a whole bunch of nothing. How is he going back? I thought he quit.

349 days ago


bullying? really? i know the story going on here but referring it to bullying is lame, these are grown men.

349 days ago


You have got to be KIDDING me!!! This prima donna mama's boy little b*tch wants back in the NFL???? Pssssh, good fricking luck. After all of the drama he has caused to his team, teammates, the dolphins org. etc?!?!? Newsflash b*tch boy this is the is N..F..f*cking....L you don't walk out on your damn team mid-season because you can't handle locker room dynamics. No team will ever sign this disgrace. Here's a tip you f*cking fairy go back to school and get your law degree like mommy and daddy. The NFL ain't for ya! And bring back Incognito while you f*cks are at it. Unbelievable. My apologies, I'll go back to being a lady now xo

349 days ago

Phil Mcl    

No team is going to want him. He is a rat and should not have listened to his Mom. She has ended his career.

349 days ago
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