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Michael Jackson

MJ's People Expose Big Stars as Drug Addicts

11/15/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's people have just thrown Britney Spears, George Michael, Van Halen, Aerosmith and other big names under a big tour bus, because MJ's people have just labeled them hard-core drug abusers just to make a point in a lawsuit.

Here's the deal.  Lloyds of London has refused to pay  benefits under an insurance policy that AEG took out in case MJ was not able perform for the "This Is It" tour.  Lloyds rejected the claim on grounds Michael and AEG defrauded the company by failing to fess up that MJ was a drug abuser.

Now the bus.  The Michael Jackson Company (MJC) sued Lloyds, demanding payment.  MJC claims in public documents -- obtained by TMZ -- that a number of artists, including Britney, George, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Kings of Leon, AC/DC, Johnny Hallyday and Whitney Houston all were known drug addicts and all of them applied for similar insurance to Lloyds.

MJC wants to see how the other rock stars were treated to determine if Michael is being singled out unfairly.

Short story -- to make their case, they're going to tar and feather every other rock star and act in sight.


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344 days ago


His ''People"?
You mean, Money Hungry WHORE Family trying to suck ANYTHING More they can from their dead, gravy train brother?

344 days ago

Golden Boy    

MJ is a ****ing KING! A ****ING LEGEND! I don't give a **** if he touched those kids. As long as he didn't touch me or my kids, he's kool. I don't even have kids, though. I'm just sayin'.

344 days ago


Music stars do drugs....what a shocker.

344 days ago

Good riddance!    

There isn't one turd left on the ground they they won't pick up and fling to make more money.

344 days ago


Disgusting low life s*** family! They take the definition of s*** to whole new level.

344 days ago


They have a point.

344 days ago


TMZ or MJC need to get their facts straight.
It is a generalization to say "AC/DC" are "hard-core drug abusers".
FACT: Only Phil Rudd briefly left the band to deal with his drug abuse which only started as a result of the death of his mate Bon Scott who died from alcohol related asphyxiation after going on a drinking binge in 1980.
Phil was convicted of drug possession in 2010, and became sober and later rejoined the band.
None of the other members of AC/DC have drug issues and in fact Angus Young has not touched a drop of alcohol after Bon Scott died and prefers Milk Shakes!!

Remember this that AC/DC at least are not pedophiles and their album Back In Black is the second highest album of all time just behind Thriller.

You cant paint a band with the same brush if one or two members have drug issues, it doesnt mean the WHOLE band are.

344 days ago



344 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson was NOT AT ALL a drug addict as the CORONER determined so they are saying as always this BIG LIE just to get money!!! Artists who are drug addicts have NOTHING in common with Michael Jackson as he was NOT as PROVEN by Coroner's report NO SIGN OF DRUG ABUSE!!! Michael Jackson suffered from serious insomnia and murderer told him that propofol was safe and he just needed to be monitored as PROVED at his trial, that's all!!! And Lloyds of London does of course the same just to avoid to pay out, and in all this trash they just defame Michael Jackson to get what they want, it's really BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!

344 days ago


OMG!! Celebs doing drugs?? You gotta be kidding me!!! *sarcasm* This family needs to Stop and go away. You all look like fools. MJ is dead, he was a substance abuser, you should have taken action about that BEFORE he died, not now.

343 days ago


these people are a blight, time to flush the bowl.

343 days ago

Amber Olson     

Greedy a little don't you think? The Jackson family is so money hungry, they decided to throw other people under the bus for no reason trying to get money off MJ's death. This family is twisted, no wonder MJ's daughter is crazy.

343 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Seems like they have a point. I doubt very much that any of these druggies mentioned that on the medical history they had to provide LOL

343 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Hey, kids, it's not the admittedly greedy family that is suing, it is the estate. FYI.

343 days ago
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