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'Waterboy' Star Peter Dante

Violent Threats & Racial Slurs

'I'll Have Adam Sandler F**k You Up'

11/19/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Waterboy" star Peter Dante -- who's been in just about every single Adam Sandler movie -- was thrown out of an L.A. hotel last week after calling a staffer a "n**ga" and a "f**got" ... and the craziest part, he admitted the whole thing on camera to TMZ.

Here's what we know ... Dante (who also played the weed dealer in "Grandma's Boy") was kicked out of the J.W. Marriott in Santa Monica early Friday morning after screaming at the overnight staff.

According to the hotel incident report, obtained by TMZ, Dante began screaming at staffers around 1AM because he wanted a new room key ... and was pissed that staffers didn't recognize him.

A staffer, who happened to be black, tried to help Dante ... but the actor exploded, telling one of his friends, "You better tell this n**ga to give me my fucking room key before I f*ck him up ... he clearly doesn't know who the f*ck I am."

Dante continued to berate the staffer -- "N**ga do you know who I am? I'm a black belt and you're a black person, I will f*ck you up."

He also directed his venom toward a Latino parking valet -- "Hey Mexican, this is Santa Monica, do you know where you are? We don't need you."

That's when Dante upped his threats by dropping some famous names -- the report states, "[Dante] threatened to have Suge Knight, Busta Rhymes and Adam Sandler come to my house and 'f*ck me up.'"

According to the report, Dante also ranted that he was part of the Hells Angels ... and bragged that he has major Santa Monica PD connections who "knew him very well and they weren't going to help me at all."

In fact, the report says when cops arrived, it became clear that one of the officers "knew Mr. Dante and had already taken his side." According to the report, the officer instructed a hotel staffer to give Dante a full refund ... but it's unclear if the staffer complied.

A rep for the SMPD tells TMZ ... "We deny the allegations. Nobody gets special treatment because of their status." The rep also pointed out they've arrested all sorts of famous people including Al Michaels and Josh Brolin.

As for Dante, he eventually left the property ... and just a few days later, TMZ found him strolling around L.A. When we asked him about the incident, Dante told us he drops the n-bomb all the time because his black friends, like NBA star Marcus Camby, are cool with it.

And after he tries to explain why he's not a hateful person ... Dante dropped yet ANOTHER slur -- telling us, "[think] I'm worried about Harvey Levin? You can suck my d*ck too you f**got."



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I dunno about all this stuff but I like him in the movies I thought he was pretty funny in Grandmas boy.

288 days ago


I saw this guy the other night at Barney's Beanery in SM. He looked like a drunk mess and almost got kicked out after he was yelling, being drunk, and kicking other people in the bar out. . .what. a. mess.

288 days ago

Rob Cypher    

Cocaine - it's a hell of a drug.

288 days ago


It was okay for him making fun of blacks and gays, until I read he made fun of Mexicans... that is NOT cool!

288 days ago


Peter Dante is hilarious! people are to sensative these days! gosh! learn to take jokes. another example of the pussification of america.

Oh and love harvey! :) you the man.

288 days ago


Ahhh yes --- The republican low-lifes of Hollywood

288 days ago



You go from gig-to-gig, job-to-job, nothing's permanent - you're working for 3 mos, off for six.

You need a benefactor like Adam Sandler.

Most don't have an Adam Sandler that'll hire us each time out of the box.

But maybe that's a blessing.

Dante gets 20-30K a gig - lives in hotels/motels.

Parties until it runs out 0 very scary way 2 live.

Chick next to me, daughter of a famous producer who died ten years back?

Just got evicted - thrown out of her place.

No more benefactor.

Understand, feel bad for them, but we've chosen this -

Me I"m lucky - never had a benefactor.

287 days ago


what? wait, harveys gay??

287 days ago


This has NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with culture...the way he speaks isn't foreign or unheard of, it's street slang...

287 days ago


"Whoa, chill bro... you know you can't raise your voice like that when the lion's here."

287 days ago


I know this guy very well (yes just what you're thinking). He definitely is not a racist! But is a raging alcoholic and has been in and out of rehab for the past 20 years. His ex-wife is a major Hollywood big wig and wears the pants in the house. She finally divorced him because not only is he an addict, but he fvcks around a lot (I know first hand!). The sad thing is, he really believes that he's a major Hollywood actor. That's the part that is sad, he lives Ina total fantasy world and acts like he's in his 20s. You'll find him at all the dive bars in Santa Monica, but he claims to be a peace loving, crunchy guy. Multiple personalities is another disorder that I think he has!

287 days ago

Somebody, please let me know if this guy gets his own reality show....please. Also, how much street cred does Sandler have as a means to jackin' somebody up? Maybe I would've been nervous if he had said George St. Pierre or Kimbo Slice or somebody. Sheesh.

287 days ago

Mel J    

Clearly, calling this guy the "STAR" of Waterboy, as you do in your headline, has gone to his head. TMZ needs to call it like it is - he is a loser, and after Sandler reads this, he will no longer appear in his movies.

287 days ago

Mel J    

Clearly, it's a stretch to call this idiot the "STAR" of Waterboy, as it says in the headline. That's what has gone to his head over the years. Time to call him what he is -- a LOSER -- and when Adam Sandler sees that video, he will never hire him again.

287 days ago


He sounds like a whack job.. However, I have more respect for someone who freely admits they say racist and anti-gay things over someone like Alec Baldwin who pretends to care so much about the gay community... yet clearly disdains them.

At least this guy isn't a fake and a fraud like Baldwin --- the closet gay-hater..

287 days ago
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