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George Zimmerman

Allegedly Framed

By Vengeful, Lying GF

11/21/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman was duped and done in by a lying GF who faked a pregnancy to keep him around and then framed him when she realized he was leaving her ... sources connected with Zimmerman tell TMZ.

George is now facing felony domestic violence charges after Samantha Scheibe claimed he threatened her with a gun and forced her out of their house.

Our Zimmerman sources say ... here's how it really went down:

Early this month, George made it clear to Samantha he was leaving her and leaving Florida. Samantha then dropped a bombshell-- that she was 6 weeks pregnant. George now believes she was lying about it in order to keep him in her grip.

George then offered to make a child custody and support deal ... but Samantha wanted him.

On Monday ... things came to a head when George was packing his bags to leave and our sources say Samantha concocted the whole gun scenario as revenge.

So we gotta ask ...


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Two problems: If Zimmerman was trying to leave her residence why barricade himself in HER house when the police arrived. If this girl concocted a pregnancy to keep him, why would he tell police on HIS 911 call that their argument was because she wanted to raise the baby without him? Also, If Zimmerman only had 100.00 to his name where was he going to go?

298 days ago


So where is the lardy bloated killer now? Homeless! He thought he was a big media star but guess what, Fox even dumped his worthless fat behind because he doesn't bring in ratings anymore. LOL. Maybe if he kills himself he'll be a headline again. Please! Do it!!

298 days ago


If you are an innocent god fearing person, trouble doesn't find you like it does with this douche. He is a sick twist and a murderer. And he will never find peace for the rest of his life

298 days ago


I love his "emergency" call to 911. He thinks the "officers are upset because they keep banging on the windows and doors...."

911 : you're not going to go speak with them?

GZ: Um I don't have anything to say...

Geesh..... He thinks they will go away if he ignores them?

298 days ago


to Zimmerman's credit... this gf (prior to this charge) was shopping gossip rags trying to sell her story for big bucks. Something is fishy with her story. A guy like Zimmerman is an easy target. Say "he attacked me" and everyone will believe it cause he's so hated. Sounds like a wannabe media wh0re to me.

298 days ago


To all the dummies who think her earlier attempt to sell a "Life with GZ" story somehow proves this is made up - why? It sounds like she was trying to sell a positive story about life with GZ and them moving on together. Then he started pushing her around, choking her, and threatening her with a gun. So she called the cops. Are you saying that she couldn't sell a story so she became his willing victim in order to have a marketable tale? That's ludicrous beyond belief. But I guess the George lovers will think of anything rather than look at who this man really is and his long long history of aberrant behavior.

298 days ago


So baffled by the GZ support, could it be that if you have to admit that GZ is a violent animal then you also have admit that Trayvon Martin was an innocent victim and your racism won't allow you to that? That's what I think is going on with the GZ lovers on here.

298 days ago


She is most likely shady - but I believe what she said really happened - I believe he did stick his gun in her face for a quick moment - not long enough for her to freak out but I believe he did do because he is an azz like that - and I do believe he did choke her out. And I still have not heard that she said she was pregnant only Georgie staying this on the phone - is it on the police report where it states she told the officers she was pregnant?

298 days ago

terry j vey    

none of us really knows and lets face it either story sounds like it could have happend

298 days ago


Ok we'll she probably is lying but George's dumb a**made this easy to believe so screw him

298 days ago

Gemma Williams    

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298 days ago

Von Sowell    

He is broke so they say so where was he going. He was already living off of her.

298 days ago

truth hurts    

F#ck her, Zimmerman and all you supporters of this degenerate.

298 days ago

BB not bb    

I think he has a judge who hates him now. He has no bail and permanent solitary confinement over some questionable lady who let him stay in her house and then accused him of pointing a gun at her and smashing her table.

There is a good chance that she is lying, so why no bail? He probably can't post bail anyway. The judge disparaged his character when imposing the sentence also. It all seems a little too convenient like it is all set up. Maybe the PTB weren't counting on a jury and court system that would do the right thing.

They want to see George locked up one way or another for something. They already ran off O'Mara who wants nothing more to do with George. I guess they figure if they bad mouth him enough, the mob will be against him no matter what the court found.

298 days ago


That girl be cra cra

298 days ago
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