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George Zimmerman

Allegedly Framed

By Vengeful, Lying GF

11/21/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman was duped and done in by a lying GF who faked a pregnancy to keep him around and then framed him when she realized he was leaving her ... sources connected with Zimmerman tell TMZ.

George is now facing felony domestic violence charges after Samantha Scheibe claimed he threatened her with a gun and forced her out of their house.

Our Zimmerman sources say ... here's how it really went down:

Early this month, George made it clear to Samantha he was leaving her and leaving Florida. Samantha then dropped a bombshell-- that she was 6 weeks pregnant. George now believes she was lying about it in order to keep him in her grip.

George then offered to make a child custody and support deal ... but Samantha wanted him.

On Monday ... things came to a head when George was packing his bags to leave and our sources say Samantha concocted the whole gun scenario as revenge.

So we gotta ask ...


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Really? Come on you guys! Zimmerman was never convicted of a crime (other than a few traffic violations) why are you and the media going after him so hard? Most likely b/c… Harvey, we all KNOW you are just playing to the crowd...THE BIGGEST ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM...THE RACE CARD! GOT ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT JEWS OR GAYS? JUST LIKE I THOUGHT...NOTHING (since you are both)! Just b/c Charles is sitting next to you, while you stand up (so you look as tall), does not give you the right to bend justice. You say you reported on the OJ trial and you were "shocked" by the outcome....hmmm...seems like your turn your 70's turn-table of old records to suit your greedy, indulgent needs. You drive a very expensive car; sure you live in a very expensive home, and brag about how many WONDERFUL, AMAZING restaurants you frequent on a daily basis. You are a PIG! No better than those producers and directors who ask for sex in order to land a role. Face it, your Jewish Mother must be ashamed of you...unless, of course she does not watch TMZ. You might as well be a circus monkey. Oops, did I say that out load...yes, I are a circus monkey! The jury had their say and found him NOT GUILTY. Just b/c all of you are a bunch of liberal, bigots, does NOT give you the right to brand a person guilty or not guilty before a trial. You guys are bad, but the worst is that B... NANCY GRACE and her big mouth. I feel sorry for the poor man who actually married her. She cuts off her own guests, just to hear her own voice...or is it the voices in her head? She takes it upon herself to convict a person based on her own personal beliefs. Hell, she most likely does not change her panties as often as she self-convicts people, prior to a jury hearing of the facts. That woman is one loud-mouthed, C word. Most people I know (some in the legal field) think she is a nut-job! Hey, Harvey, aren't you a LAWYER? If this were your client, wouldn't you say "innocent until proven guilty?" I am so sick of you people in the media prosecuting people before they even ever get to trial! You people at TMZ are BAD, but after watching that wretch, Nancy Grace tonight...I only wanted to turn the channel, puke, but then curl up in a ball! Stop sensationalizing and perpetuating SH*T until you know all of the facts! What is happening in this world, anymore? Wish I were still a naïve HS student. You people only serve one system...YOURSELVES AND YOUR WALLETS! You will meet your maker one day...and guess what...? The money and the ratings will not be in your favor. No one cares at that point...get it???? Probably not. But just had to weigh in on how ridiculous you people in the media are. You are ALL pretty much a bunch of sick puppies! BTW: Why are you always scratching at your head? Do you have lice? If so, you deserve it.

330 days ago


Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn… You're screwed George.

330 days ago


The Warren Report talked about this yesterday (Nov 25) suggesting this arrest was caused by a "girlfriend" that is way too pretty for Zimmerman. "...he has taken up with a girlfriend, I don't know if you've seen this woman....this is a hot number who looks like a professional hooker. I suspect the powers that be have sicked this ... this hot woman on to George Zimmerman..." Dr. James David Manning can be listened to at atlah_org The section on Zimmerman started around 21 minutes into the broadcast thru about 25 minute mark.

330 days ago


Why is this girl with Zimmerman in the first place? Why would any woman want to be with this guy? He's a walking time bomb!

329 days ago


Big G was framed yo, the man is trying to keep this paragon of society down. Just look at that innocent fat face, with the beady little eyes, isn't that the face of an innocent man? Go visit the Chinese food buffet again Big G that'll cheer you up.

329 days ago


I think that there is a possibility that Zimmerman was set up ; there is a lot of money out there to catch him doing something wrong. I found it irononic that his wife also came up with that scenario and,then stopped.

320 days ago


I find it odd, on the face of it, that there is this little nexus of violence that seems to follow poor George around! Everywhere he goes he has to pull his gun to defend himself! I want all those violent people to stop following George around waiting for a chance to attack him.

315 days ago
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