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Shifty Shellshock's Baby Mama

I Want Full Custody

You Smoked Crack in Our Son's Room!

11/23/2013 12:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1121_shifty_jasmine-lennard_getty_tmzShifty Shellshock's baby mama is asking an L.A. judge to take away his visitation rights ... claiming he's a terrible father who once smoked crack in their kid's bedroom.

The "Celebrity Rehab" star's ex Jasmine Lennard filed suit last week against Shifty -- real name Seth Binzer -- seeking full custody ... and removal of his visitation rights.

Lennard says Seth hasn't seen their son since November 2011 -- nor has he paid child support -- so she wants a judge to make her the sole guardian.

Even worse ... Lennard claims Seth is still addicted to a whole slew of drugs ... and his problem is so out of control he once left a crack pipe in their son's room after freebasing.

Jasmine claims she tried to establish Shifty as the son's legal father last year -- but Binzer acted like it wasn't his kid to get out of paying child support, even though he admitted it was his kid on "Celebrity Rehab."

So now, she wants the judge to officially give her full-time custody ... and she wants him to pay up, stat.



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★★★★ Lindsay Speaks The Truth ★★★★    

Remove the child from both of these druggies.

280 days ago


Take their kid away and give them that Carter clown's dog. The dog is already "worthless"...might as well give the kid a chance with a less scuzzier family.

279 days ago


He looks high as f*ck in that pic, what a dead beat POS.

279 days ago


Dr. Drew did an excellent Job helping this guy beat Drugs.

279 days ago


Best part, remember the video 'butterfly' he was wearing a D.A.R.E. t-shirt, he's a POS.

279 days ago


White trash

279 days ago


Well, you have to admire her taste in boyfriends/fathers, eh?

279 days ago


i thought ( could never be deadbeats and are all great dads, loving partners, and **** roses….. ohh wait, that was the bulli**** lies and propaganda (from their own insecurities and fear of other groups of men) used to scare us from looking at who they really are, hateful, abusive, controlling, overly critical, judgmental, selfish, racist, hypocritical, dramatic wusses that will never take responsibility and blame everyone else for their actions….i feel bad for her, knowing that she stuck with a druggie drunk a s s hole. but isn't it ironic that the same (w.A.m) APE will tell her that minorities and black guys are the deadbeats and druggies… ? ohhh the irony and hypocrisy…i would say take your kid, cut your losses, and run far away from that POS!!! his picture alone says it all: fake wannabe badass, but completely spineless and weak, with a STUPID looking face and teeth…good luck girl…apart from the baby, this **** hole was never worth it…lets not be limited, decent, intelligent, responsible, adventurous, loving, caring, secure,honest (the real badass guys) come in any color… be open minded so a holes like this don't get the best of you..!!!!!!!

279 days ago


He's still alive?

279 days ago


You had a baby with that guy?! Why!

279 days ago


Why was he allowed to smoke at all when kids are in the house?

279 days ago


You were expecting responsible from someone who willingly goes by "Shifty Shellshock"? Really? What drugs are you on or are you just that stupid?

279 days ago


had this been a minority, this comment board would have lit up with the bullish!t stereotyping and redundant hate-spewing….but since its the druggie next door, tmz has not over loaded .. we ignore it and move on to the next minority story as if this didn't even happen….awesome.!!

279 days ago


She knows how to pick em'. Yuk. I would rather straddle a tree before sex with this ghetto gold toothed, pierced dirty looking druggie.

279 days ago


I wish bitch would stop lying about his drug use

279 days ago
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