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George Zimmerman

Gun Group Fronting Him $$$

'We Regret Nothing'

11/23/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Ohio gun group that cut George Zimmerman a $12K check to protect him after the Trayvon Martin verdict  tells TMZ ... they’d do it all over again, despite this week's domestic violence arrest.

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation
was indignant the FBI took George's guns away during the trial, especially because Zimmerman was getting a slew of death threats.  So it held a fundraiser and raked in $12,150.37.

As for how Buckeye feels now that Zimmerman can't go a month without screwing up ... they simply say he hasn't been convicted of anything and he's presumed innocent.  So, no regrets.

No word on whether the group will be raising money for Zimmerman this time around.


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the stupidity is strong in this one

313 days ago



313 days ago


How this fat ugly gun fetishist got a GF is beyond comprehension.

313 days ago

BB not bb    

I think George is a litmus test for American morals and integrity. Do people want to support gossip or civil rights and freedom? So far the gun group has passed. How many others will turn on George before the show is over?

Fact is he saved all our lives when he stood up against black race riots and the loss of the right to own a gun and self defense. He did not punk out and cop a plea. He fought to the end and came out a winner. I think that is what makes America great, patriots standing up for what is right.

Things could have turned out very bad if the black race baiters had their way. If they felt justified in railroading him, the rest of the white race would be next. Guns would be forbidden. It is time for Americans to stand up and do the right thing. If the don't, they might as well move to Sudan.

313 days ago

BB not bb    

I am trying to figure out why George is having so much trouble. It is not Karma for Trayvon but maybe Karma for not paying the defense team with the legal defense fund money. I think he really needs to do that before Shellie runs off with half of it or he eats himself into a heart attack.

It is not fair that Mark O'Mara and co. had to appeal to the state of Florida to get paid when they worked so hard and George has the money sitting there to pay him. He needs to come clean with the money and then maybe these troubles will go away.

313 days ago


I hope this piece of **** murderer murders a White kid or white woman next time and I hope it's soon. You piece of **** hateful whites will scream them.

313 days ago


Amazing that some support this liar, a child molester, a coward, a killer and a woman abuser and make excuses for him. In their eyes, he can do no wrong. His life is worthless. He can't even hold down a job. His own family is supporting him. Yeah, I guess now I can see why people see him as a hero. LOL They are just as warped as he is.

313 days ago


By them supporting him, it just makes the gun group look like morons. When he finally kills a person, I hope they go after them.

313 days ago


It's Karma, but it's pronounced Ha Ha F*ck you!

313 days ago


The second amendment is not a license to kill. These gun rights groups are financially supporting Zimmerman so he can not work and just get himself in trouble. He needs to get a job, get help for his anger issues and get over himself. This isn't over with him and there will be some more blood that he smears in the juror's faces.

313 days ago


maybe soon he will get shot and they will claim stand your ground or castle doctrine law.

313 days ago

BB not bb    

When they try to frame someone and it doesn't pan out, they keep stalking the person with bogus arrests and gossip until they finally trip him up and get him where they want him. This is a CIA technique known as gang stalking. I think that is what George is going through. He can't live a normal life because of what people think of him.

There is never a shortage of people around who want to twist the truth and make up lies about him to make him look bad. They get people so hopped up on rage that they don't care what the truth is any more, they just want their victim.

I think the best thing for George to do is to just try to live the same life as before. Go back to his business selling insurance, watch his neighborhood townhouse, and carry his gun. Maybe hire a body guard around the clock, but otherwise not let these people mess with his head.

313 days ago


A gun in this oaf's hands could easily lead to someone's death.

313 days ago


GZ is a gun toting thug and his guns should be removed. This group would arm satin because they are just stupid.

313 days ago

hello cleveland    

Ohio= Florida of the midwest.

313 days ago
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