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Dr. Conrad Murray

'I Held Michael's Penis Every Night'

11/24/2013 1:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Dr. Conrad Murray
says he and Michael Jackson were so tight, he would hold his penis for him.

In a bizarre, rambling interview with The Daily Mail, Murray says, "You want to know how close we were?  I held his penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night."

Murray went on to say, "He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet he would drip for hours."

And there's this mystery ... Murray says, "Michael didn't know how to put a condom on, so I had to do it for him."

Murray also discloses some of the things TMZ revealed years ago -- that Murray believes Michael killed himself.  Murray claims when he walked out of Michael's bedroom the day he died, "I believe he woke up, got hold of his own stash of Propofol and injected himself.  He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest."

And, Murray suggests, MJ's kids have 3 different fathers, and Michael isn't one of them.  Murray says, "Michael told me he never slept with Debbie Rowe."

And, Murray insists, Michael told him he had been sexually assaulted by one of his doctors while under sedation.

And this bizarre comment.  Murray suggests Michael predicted he would die on Murray's watch.  He says MJ once looked at him and said, "You know, for the rest of your life and my life our names will become inseparable."  Murray says MJ smiled and said, "I am clairvoyant."


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FYI: there is such thing as a condom catheter, that fits over the penis, rather then being inserted into the urethra. They are used because they are less likely to result in infections, and are non-painful. This may be what the condom remark is referencing,

272 days ago


I wish this douche would go away. What a POS to keep talking about someone who he supposedly cared about. Michaels kids have enough challenges without having to read/hear what this crying little b*tch of a mental case has to say.

272 days ago


Isn't Murray bound by HIPPA or some oath of confidentiality? He should lose his license on that alone.

272 days ago


Lord have mercy. I hope this guy never ever gets his license back. He is a disgrace to the medical profession.

272 days ago


This is so unnecessary and weird things are so out of control because of these asholes MJ surrounded himself with he thought he had friends and families that he could trust while he's isolating himself from the world but honey you shoulda stayed away from these people, blasting him every min. Let me remind you that the man has been dead for almost 5 years now!

272 days ago


why is anyone caring what this murderer says..........guess he's trying to get on the tv circuit so he can make money of the patient he killed...............don't give in to this loser

272 days ago


Did micheal jacson have prostate problems...y did he leak??? micheal would not want the public to know about this even after his death

272 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Is it just me, or does C. Murray seem a!

272 days ago


Their is such a thing as a condom catheter. It is used while someone is knocked out by anethesia. DUH!

272 days ago


Murray is one sick individual.

272 days ago


This disgusting piece of **** will do anything for fame and money, it has already been 99% proven that MJ's oldest son is his biological due to an extremely rare skin disorder that he inherited from him. You can't donate sperm if you have genetic diseases. His other stories are insane and no one should ever believe a word this fool says. I sincerely hope a fellow MJ fan will kill this psychopath before he kills anyone else.

272 days ago


Everything this man says seems to be coming from an angry place. Always so defensive and desperate. Wth

272 days ago


Misleading, salacious headline (nothing new for TMZ). In order to insert a catheter in a male patient, obviously the doctor needs to hold the penis.

272 days ago


That was the interview on the program "60... Minutes Australia" last night.

272 days ago



272 days ago
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