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Paul Walker Death Car

Porsche Issued Warning ...

Don't Put 'Racecar' in the Wrong Hands

12/3/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The sports car Paul Walker died in was so gnarly to drive ... Porsche WARNED its dealers, in writing, about letting just anyone drive the vehicle ... because it's hyper sensitive to road conditions. 

TMZ obtained a copy of a memo sent from Porsche HQ to multiple dealers in the Midwest back in 2004 ... right before the $500K Carrera GT went on sale -- and it explains how ridiculously powerful the car is, but also that ... "this vehicle cannot drive over a Foster Beer can that is lying on its side."

In the doc, a Porsche exec says, "You need to be aware of what type of road surface you are on (dips; pot holes, seam heights, etc.)"


It's worth noting ... the road where Paul and Roger Rodas crashed is covered with reflective dots -- y'know, the ones you've probably driven over harmlessly thousands of times. Of course, you probably weren't driving the GT ... which some pro drivers have called "brutal and savage" and difficult to control.

Police are still investigating the exact cause of the accident, and, so far, have only said speed was a factor.

The exec's memo explains the GT is damn close to being a real deal racecar, but adds ... "This car has all the disadvantages of a racecar." 

While Rodas was known to be an experienced driver -- the Porsche document makes it clear experience isn't always enough ... if the road surface isn't ideal.


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So basically you shouldn't drive this car anywhere other than a race track. Why sell it to people then?

326 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

Could it be? TMZ actually posted something factual this time!

326 days ago


This warning sounds like something to keep the manufacturer out of trouble. They can just point to it if anything happens and say we warned everyone. This type of car really should only be driven on a race track though. They're built to go fast. They can't legally get up to the speed they want to go on a public road or even freeway. Porsche listed the maximum speed at 204 mph but testing had it between 208 and 211. Not what you call a street car.

326 days ago


it is good to know that porche were responsible and sent that memo. Really sad how things turned out.

326 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah's only for a race track setting, but anyone can buy this and ignore the safety recommendations? You don't have to have proof of training, just the understanding that can die if you hit a speed bump? Oh. Ok. smh.

326 days ago


I'm sure being race car drivers, Paul and Roger knew this already. Many people ignore safety precautions.

326 days ago


I still think you guys are *******s for posting that video and here you are using it again. So insensitive and morbid. Two men are dying and burning up in that ****ing car. Yet, you all think it's perfectly ok to post it to get views for your site. Shameless vultures.

326 days ago


This kind of warning doesn't really change anything.

326 days ago


Why sell it to drivers who are likely to use it on public roads then? Sad.

326 days ago


Nice. Let's build a car that could easily kill people if you eve throw a feather at it. Makes sense.

326 days ago


This car is made for German Autobahn or Nürburgring, not for North LA pothole roads.
USA roads just aren't up to Porsche standards.

326 days ago


Roger Rodas and Paul Walker were speeding up this city street at 100 MPH and yet the idiots at TMZ are looking for some tricky reason why Roger lost control of the Porsche. RI EFFN DICULOUS! It doesn't take a genius to see what happened here nor does it take digging up this confidential Porsche to dealer memo either. Jesus Christ.

326 days ago



Roasted In {a} Porsche.

326 days ago


I feel sorry for the nice car.
Only 1282 Porsche Carrera GT were made, now only 1281 are left.

May the car rest in pieces.

326 days ago

★★★★ Lindsay Speaks The Truth ★★★★    

But what about Lindsay?

326 days ago
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