Paul Walker's Dad Chokes Up The Whole Family's Struggling

12/2/2013 12:38 PM PST

Paul Walker's Dad Chokes Up -- The Whole Family Is Struggling [VIDEO]

Paul Walker
's father Paul Walker Sr. could barely keep himself together today in L.A., claiming the entire Walker family has been struggling to cope with the actor's sudden death.

Paul addressed the media outside his home, saying he's never experienced anything like this in his life. "It's hard ... every now and then I'll really break down."

And the rest of the Walker family isn't any better -- Paul's dad says the actor's 15-year-old daughter Meadow has been taking it really hard, but thankfully ... she's surrounded by family and friends who love her.

The whole video is pretty emotional and hard to watch, but it's worth it in the end -- Paul's dad tells everyone how Paul would want to be remembered ... and it's a beautiful image.