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Paul Walker Crash

Coroner Completes Autopsy

12/3/2013 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

2:35 P.M. PT -- The coroner tells us the autopsies on both bodies are now complete ... but we're still waiting to find out the exact cause of death.  The findings could be announced later today.  Story developing ...
We may soon know the exact cause of Paul Walker's death ... TMZ has learned the coroner's office will begin the autopsy shortly.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the autopsies on Walker and Roger Rodas will be completed today.  We're told the coroner also hopes to make positive ID on both bodies ... which was delayed because dental records were needed.

Walker and his racing partner Rodas were killed Saturday when the Porsche Carrera GT they were driving in crashed into a pole. Witnesses on the scene say it appeared both men burned to death when the car exploded in a fireball.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.



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Seriously, why can't you let this man R.I.P. tmz? Do we have to hear this story every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day. ENOUGH ALREADY..

324 days ago

daeth ar58    

all that money worth millions, coundt wait to go to a race track, spoiled , foolish , they cant take it with them, see the bodies here

324 days ago


Is this really news? Is there really any doubt as to how he died. My money's on blunt force trauma. You plow into a tree in a piece of fiberglass going excessively fast, blunt force trauma will do it every time.

324 days ago

Elizabeth M    

I watched Paul Walker being interviewed on the show ET and how well he spoke about his daughter Meadow and how they got along , and it made me sad to see him... He was a very good father..

I wish though that Paul had thought of the consequences beforehand of getting in a speeding car with another person, and leaving his daughter, without a father!

324 days ago


Im guessing the autopsy is to confirm which killed him first, blunt force trauma or smoke inhalation. It would be better if it was blunt force trauma because that would mean he probably died instantly on impact and didn't suffer. If its smoke inhalation or something like that, it probably means he did suffer or was burned to death. horrible either way but a BFT death might comfort the family somewhat, meaning he didn't suffer.

324 days ago


Do we really need an autopsy here? They were completely burned from what I understand. Seems redundant.

324 days ago

daeth ar58    

was Roger Rodas running a ponzi shceme, did he ever worka day in his life or was he sucking in the movie actors money in ,and giving a few peanuts to charity, to keep up apperances check out .american greed tv show for similar cases of money mamager greed crooks, they had ac ase on the tv show were the money manager did everything for the guy, even illigal stuff like a damgerous trip in a car,,,, sound familiar, then when the money ran out it was goodby,, who kept pushing paul to do more movies when he wanted to take a break, keep that money coming in i will invest it 4 u

324 days ago


It makes one lose an awful lot of faith in humanity reading what people are posting here. If you don't want to read about it, don't click on the article. Simple as that. And, his family is dealing with some very real grief. They are the ones hurt now and it isn't your right to judge a situation you know little about. Do you consider yourself an expert witness because you have been watching the play by play on TMZ? You're not. Stop it with the negativity... What purpose is it serving?

324 days ago


I love how celebrities get their causes of death announced immediately but an average person's family has to wait till the coroner gets around to giving them the autopsy report.

324 days ago


Soooo, the fact that they hit a tree and then were burned beyond recognition isn't a big enough cause?

324 days ago

Shaun Daily- Las Vegas    

He died when the car he was riding hit a tree and light post and exploded. Still think they were hot rodding it and lost control. Notice that car the drove pasted the wreck and skidded to a stop?

324 days ago


And somehow it will make a difference to the world at large? It was a horrific accident. The possibilities for actual cause of death are all equally horrific. The family may feel they need to know but we (and most definitely TMZ) most certainly do not.

324 days ago


Unless the brakes failed - and I'm sure there are indicator lights for that and other failures in those rigs - the driver was going too damn fast. Period. End of story.

324 days ago

Silly TMZ    

I think you have to be a pretty horrible person to think people dying this way is funny or that they some how deserved it for driving too fast or because you didn't like his movies. I doubt there's a man on earth who hasn't driven their car or their bike too fast on occasion and I certainly wouldn't want to see them all burn alive for it. A celebrity dies in a car accident and suddenly the online world is full of expert drivers that never drive too fast and people who never make mistakes. Two men burned to death. It's absolutely horrible. To think they deserved or to think it's funny makes you a psycho.

324 days ago


I hope he died on impact, seems painless compared to being cooked alive..

324 days ago
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