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Vin Diesel

Emotional Speech at Paul Walker Crash Site

'He's An Angel In Heaven'

12/3/2013 5:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vin Diesel finally broke his silence on the death of his friend Paul Walker last night -- arriving at the crash site and thanking mourners for "showing that angel in heaven how much you appreciate him."

Diesel and Walker had appeared in several "Fast and the Furious" movies together -- and considered each other close friends off camera.

When Vin arrived to the crash site, a police officer allowed the actor to use the loudspeaker from a squad car to address the huge crowd ... and he delivered a heartfelt speech.

"To show the love that you have shown Paul ... it's gonna stay with me forever."

After the speech we asked Vin about the future of the movie franchise -- to which he replied, "I can't even think about anything but the loss of a loved one."


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Very sincere of Vin to come out to the people and say a few words.

Complete dick move by the camera man to ask about filming the movie...theirs a time and place for that....and it ain't right now.

324 days ago


Why does everybody think humans become angels in heaven? That's not even biblical. :/ If he made it to Heaven (only through Jesus by the way) then he is just Paul in spirit form but not an angel. Same thing if he didn't make it and he's in hell. Just him in spirit form.

324 days ago


I agree that the questions he asked was very out of the way and not perfect timing but GEEZ what everyone fail to realize is that the photographer has a job too. The more information he capture on camera the more he get paid.

324 days ago


It was nice what Vin Diesel said and nice of him to come out there but I think the guy from TMZ was extremely out of line asking him all those stupid questions. He should have been more respectful and not asked about the future of the fast and furious. It's a humans life that was taken, and he sounded like all he was interested in was getting the answers so insensitive questions.... Bad look TMZ!

324 days ago


paul walker was a good & funny actor

324 days ago


what is name of streer paul walker died

324 days ago

Gustav LaFong    

Surely you are suspicious about his body being burned "beyond recognition". In fact, he was kidnapped by members of a drug cartel because he was about to make a "Don't Use Drugs" spot for CNN and he is now in a cellar in San Ysidro, screaming for help. The body in the car was another cartel hit and is Paul's "replacement". The cartel was shortsighted, because we all know that nobody watches CNN. Paul will be rescued by Vin Diesel shortly before the release of the next F&F movie, creating splash headlines that will boost movie receipts.

324 days ago


Why is he a douche? Because he wanted to pay respect to his longtime friend? Pretty sure if these cast members wanted publicity they would be coking it up in the clubs with Lindsay and Kim. But their not so get OVER it. Let them facebook, tweet, Instagram all they want. Because in a few weeks, months,etc. Paul Walker will just be that guy that died in a car crash.
Ps. These so people who just want publicity are not just people he met yesterday. These are his friends of years and they want their friends name not to be forgotten......

324 days ago


TMZ, I love your site and your information, but your interviewers really need to know when to step back and leave people alone. They are GRIEVING. They don't care about if and when filming will begin again, nor do they want to answer your interviewer's inconsiderate question about whether anything like this has happened to him before.

324 days ago

Sonia Albert    

That paparrazi is not cool. Dude just lost one of his best friend and he his asking him about filming? serioulsy? not cool.

324 days ago

Luis Sanchez III    

Why do you ask him about the future of the Fast and Furious series, don't you people see he is grieving, all you people on TMZ are freaking slime. Have compassion for Vin and the rest of the Fast and Furious crew. What a dumb ass!!! what a stupid ****ing question to ask Vin. His friend died for God's sake

324 days ago


Disrespectful comments towards, Paul Walker, Family, Friends and Fans

324 days ago


It blows my mind that the MEDIA/TMZ would ask any questions...why couldn't you just "record" his speech? He is grieving a brothers death. I wouldn't even have wanted him to know I had recorded his speech, let alone interrogate him AFTER his speech. Couldn't you just let him go on his way & be happy you recorded him at all? So selfish!!

324 days ago


Okay, so he's dead. It's too bad, and it's sad, yeah. But what did he expect? He might not have expected this, but he expected something. This is what happens to people who think only of what they want. I'm glad others weren't killed because of their stupidity.

324 days ago


He should have yelled cut .. stunt double !!!

324 days ago
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