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Vin Diesel

Emotional Speech at Paul Walker Crash Site

'He's An Angel In Heaven'

12/3/2013 5:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vin Diesel finally broke his silence on the death of his friend Paul Walker last night -- arriving at the crash site and thanking mourners for "showing that angel in heaven how much you appreciate him."

Diesel and Walker had appeared in several "Fast and the Furious" movies together -- and considered each other close friends off camera.

When Vin arrived to the crash site, a police officer allowed the actor to use the loudspeaker from a squad car to address the huge crowd ... and he delivered a heartfelt speech.

"To show the love that you have shown Paul ... it's gonna stay with me forever."

After the speech we asked Vin about the future of the movie franchise -- to which he replied, "I can't even think about anything but the loss of a loved one."


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Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

I like Vin Diesel.

325 days ago


It's pretty obvious that he wasn't interested in talking to any media. It's good of him to show up and address the crowd. There's more than a few fans who are taking this very hard.

325 days ago

BB not bb    

People die every day. People act like this actor was a part of their lives. The thing that really bugs me is that the death is so suspicious and he seemd so innocent and like he was trying to do good in the world.

I feel like some evil opponents plotted to take him and his partner out for their charity work. People should be protesting and holding a vigil to put an end to that. Yeah it is sad that a nice actor died, but how many of these people even knew him?

325 days ago


It is most unfortunate that these two died such a horrific death. I remember fighting to keep awake when I first watched " Fast & Furious ", but to make six more "Fast & Furious" films may be deemed a crime against humanity.

325 days ago


So a person just died but what TMZ wants to know is what will happen to a MOVIE? Bunch of bloodsuc kers...

325 days ago


Angel? The man who hooked up with a 16 year old girl and got her pregnant?

325 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Paul Walker is an Angel?... a Fire Angel.
But hey, does that mean the driver, Roger Rodas is not?

325 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Street Racers and Drunk Drivers are the same. They're dangerous, they're criminal, they have no common sense, they put innocent lives at risk and if they get killed, they get what they deserve. Don't turn criminal azz h0les into heroes just because you liked some movies.

325 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

"Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc."
(Blade Runner)

325 days ago


This is when I hate the media the most, the questions your team asks are so insensitive to the moment. All I can calk this up to is immature reporters that work for TMZ they show themselves and their immaturity everyday online and during your shows.

325 days ago


After the speech we asked Vin about the future of the movie franchise -- to which he replied, "I can't even think about anything but the loss of a loved one."

Vin certainly was thinking about the franchise or else he would not have shown up to speak to the crowd. New movie opening and the other was in progress. Hollywood people are so full of sheet

325 days ago


If they had killed an innocent child playing on the streets while racing with that Porsche there would be far less R.I.P. around on facebook an other social networks. I guess obsessed fans would even blame that child for "being in the wrong place at the wrong time" It's always the same with such fans . Their "God" can do what ever he/she wants but is always right.

325 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Emotional speech... "emotional"?... it's called acting

325 days ago

BB not bb

Theories are that Paul Walker was about to report on a sterilization agent being added to Philipine relief supplies and/or that he knew about money being laundered in the relief funds, and /or it was an Illuminati hit. There is video footage of damage to a similar car at high speeds. It is not anywhere near as bad as what happened to this car on a road with a 35 mph speed limit and steady traffic flow in both directions.

This is what people should be out on the streets about.

325 days ago


Do these idiots do this on purpose? How are you going to ask this man, grieving the loss of his friend, if they are going to start filming soon?

325 days ago
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