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Paul Walker's GF

Breaks Down

First Photos Since Paul's Death

12/4/2013 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1204_paul_walker_girlfriend_photos_launch_v3Paul Walker's longtime girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell fell to pieces yesterday ... and friends continued to show their support for her after Paul's sudden death.

It's the first time the 23-year-old has been photographed since the tragedy -- breaking down outside Paul's home in Santa Barbara on Tuesday.

In the photos, it's clear Jasmine is still overwrought with emotion -- she was teary-eyed and seen hugging friends and family ... just 3 days after Paul and his friend Roger Rodas were killed in the horrific Porsche crash.


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Why isn't she wearing any shoes?? Mature~

261 days ago

Dee Snutts N. Tmz's Mouf    

Give these people some space you jerkoff's. This is the most disgusting work of a paparazzi sites exploiting a celebrities death ever. Just because you guys had the jump on his "death site" and crash scene.. then I guess that makes you all think that you can just have open season of everything having to do with this mans death (including grieving friends and family)... You think just because you are getting probably your all time highest veiwing numbers on your website, that people actually want to see the "first time his girlfriend 'breaks down'", but it is actually become a phenomenon like Miley Cyrus and are just watching this like a train wreck in slow mo. We are coming here to see how low you guys can sink. Every day I have come back to this site, almost EVERY new article has disgusted me even more on how tasteless and uncaring this site really is.

I wonder how many more enemies you guys have made in the celebrity and the public after this. For some reason, before this, you guys were tip toeing around pissing all the celebs off by hiring photogs who would try to talk to the celebs normally and with a little respect, but we can all see how horrible you really are (although I have always seen it), and thank God that you guys decided to do this and maybe will never get another interview again. Maybe get more of your photogs beat down for some of the things they have done especially with questioning the family and coworkers of the late PW. Go eat an aids d*ck, die, and burn in hell you parasites...

261 days ago


And i thougt they were broken up - not that this matters to the fact that she's devastated and heartbroken.

261 days ago


She's crying because they weren't married so she isn't entitled to his millions.

261 days ago


Does it give you pleasure to prey on someone's grief? I truly hope you never have to experience what they are going through right now. Sick, twisted bastards that you are.

261 days ago


I feel bad for her and all that cared for Paul............ :(

261 days ago


"Still " Really? He's barely gone.
Leave. The family. Alone.

261 days ago


Don't worry. She'll find another **** that's twice her ****ing age to suck. Why doesn't she try setting his daughter up with Doug Hutchison?

261 days ago


18 photos of someone grieving over losing someone that they loved. Yeah, thats news worthy TMZ. I'm sure that you wouldn't love it if cameras were around your every move while you are crying over someone that you lost. Give the families, loved ones and friends of the 2 guys that lost their lives some space and peace. If you had any decency you would.

261 days ago


To all the idiots saying it's in poor taste for TMZ to run the photos, get the **** over it. This isn't a charity. It's a business. The more view they get, the more money they can charge advertisers. **** like this gets views. It would be stupid of them to not run the photos.

261 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

she is young enough that she will get over being the pedo prize of a holly wood celeb

261 days ago


Who Cares? It's bad enough their deaths were declared an accident. It should have been suicide! If for one second think Paul was sitting there saying "slow down" then your head is in the sand.. Have you seen his driving record?

261 days ago


Why are you photographing the poor baby girl. No wonder people go crazy on these people. Blocking cars, in peoples faces at heartbreaking moments. If you are in that business you are dirt.

261 days ago


Leave his loved ones alone!!! Haven't you *******s ever lost someone you loved?? Would you want people snapping your photo and following you around?!? Jesus christ.....

261 days ago


Why are people letting these young girls have these grown up relationships. Why isn't anyone saying that he was 33 and his GF was 16 when they started dating? I'm sorry he died and god rest his soul and all but I don't know how that isn't some sort of point of contention. I guess what's done is done but I see a lot of people held accountable for ageism and what not it's straight up against the law to date a 16 year old when you are 33. My Mom would have whooped me.

261 days ago
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