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Paul Walker Death

Image in Burning Porsche Video is NOT Paul

12/5/2013 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker did NOT make a final desperate attempt to escape the burning wreckage -- and the image seen in video shot right after the crash is definitely NOT Paul ... TMZ has learned.

There had been rampant speculation and buzz on the Internet that a shadowy figure seen around 23 seconds into the video of the burning Porsche Carrera GT ... was Walker trying to get out of the vehicle, but sources connected to the investigation now say it just isn't so ... for several reasons.

First, the sources tell us that, based on photographs of the wreckage ... Paul's body was pinned in an area of the car that makes it clear he couldn't have been flailing outside the vehicle.

Also ...we're told that based on the injuries he suffered, Paul died within a nanosecond of impact, and therefore it's impossible for the image in the video to be him.

It's not clear how long after impact the video starts, but clearly more than a nanosecond.

As for what the image really is -- we're told law enforcement has watched the video, and based on evidence from the crash site ... it appears to be a part of the car's roof burning.


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I hear people say Rodas was a great guy but great guys don't risk their friends lives like that. It's been estimated that car was doing over 120 around that curve. Not only did he risk Paul's life but anyone who could've been coming around that curve. The people in the car they passed said it was going so fast they decided to listen for the crash after they got out of sight. If Rodas had survived he'd be facing manslaughter and rightfully so.

290 days ago


TMZ have absolutely NO RESPECT for the dead or the people affected by such a tragic death. It is time for us to take action! Join me in boycotting this horrible horrible site

290 days ago


Even if Paul didn't die on impact his body would've probably gone into shock. The same thing happened to Aaliyah when she died in the plane crash. After a few seconds (not nanoseconds) he would've died from severe burns which is pretty much what happened.

290 days ago

Tammy LM    

No, YOU made it rampant speculation. We all told you it was the wreckage reflecting the flashing light. NOT Paul. And you knew that. It also wasn't hard for you to get that clarified for you before you put that story in the site to further juice this story for more jawdropping reaction from the public. This time.... Shame on you TMZ. You just hit the gutters.

290 days ago

Around The World    

Ugh TMZ,can't you'll leave Paul's family and friends to grieve in peace for a single moment without having to exploit this story at every turn?

Besides just who are these 'sources' you are referring to that claim Paul died within a nanosecond?The thermal injuries he had sustained refer to the increase of temperature within the skin as a result of the explosion.Paul very likely had extensive secondary thermal injuries which occurs when a person is fully clothed in the event of an explosion.We all now know this happened a minute following impact.Blood deposits in the lung would have indicated if he was still breathing at the time of the explosion regardless of his state of consciousness at the time.

I really hope that for the sake of Paul and his loved ones that he was in fact unconscious while this was taking place because there is no way he was dead within a nanosecond once you take all of the above and further technicalities into account.

It is just heartbreaking to know that one of the very few selfless individuals who made it to the big screen lost his life in the worst way imaginable.

290 days ago


I don't understand- the driver died on impact but Walker lived for a nano second and then died from a combination of injuries and fire?

290 days ago


It was TMZ that was the first website that started spreading the made up story about how Paul might have been struggling to get out and therefore burned alive. It's disgusting that you're making stories up, just so that you can have more disturbing stories to tell only to later refute the very rumours you spread.

It's one thing to make up stories about celebrities out and about fighting with paps, but people who died in such a horrific and public way where the families are still grieving and you start the rumour that he burned alive? Disgusting!

That added with the fact of how callous your paps are asking Vin Diesel about the new film release when Vin was AT the site of the crash paying his respect. This whole episode has proven TMZ is the lowest of the low and the staff have no morals or ethics.

290 days ago

Nate K    

Whoever wrote this story is a moron. Unfortunately Paul did not die within a nanosecond of impact. If the author read the coroners official cause of death it was from impact and fire. aka burned to death. Roger Rodas, the driver, was the only one who died from impact alone.

290 days ago

Nate K    

Whoever wrote this story is a moron. Unfortunately Paul did not die within a nanosecond of impact. If the author read the coroners official cause of death it was from impact and fire. aka burned to death. Roger Rodas, the driver, was the only one who died from impact alone.

290 days ago


i know this comment might been hard to take in but seening sum of the news on tv and hearing there plans to re do the hole of number 7 even tho over half way completed maybe his brother could finish it when he was ready to do so,producers should see that his brother looks simular to paul he could finish it ,it was and always will be his films i just think completly re doing film would be wrong rip paul miss ya

290 days ago


Clearly he didn't die in a "nanosecond.." The videos confirm that the car didn't set fire until 60 minutes after the collision. If the Coroner's original release is to be believed (that he died from traumatic AND thermal injuries), then he would have still been alive (albeit passed out) when the fire began. The traumatic injuries were just the "but for" cause of him not being able to escape the vehicle, which contributed to his being burned. Hence, both injuries "caused" his death. If you want to get technical, the fire was the fatal factor.

Had he already been dead on impact, his report would not have differed from Rodas' report and a thermal injury cause of death wouldn't have been brought up. If he died in a nanosecond, that means immense fire started immediately engulfed him in a nanosecond. This wasn't the case.

The media (as always) is trying to cover up its original reports due to the effect that the report has had. I'm sure the family, as well as fans, don't enjoy seeing website headings saying he was "burned alive." The media is trying to portray his death as less horrific than it was. Unfortunately, that's not the case. There's no getting around the fact that the crash and the fire that ensued was horrible.

As to this video, I'm really not buying that it's him. Witness testimony by his friends revealed they saw him unconscious in the vehicle. Even if the fire did wake him up, there is testimony from his own friends that tried to help him out of the car that his seatbelt wouldn't budge. Further, the amount of smoke inhalation and the immense heat of the fire wouldn't have allowed him to even attempt to act- he'd be dead in seconds; certainly not enough time to unjam his seatbelt, get up after suffering traumatic injury, and call for help (all while being on fire). Not saying that he did not wake up and realize what was happening for a split second, but not enough time to make all those moves before he died. Also, the picture of the bodies after the tarp was removed clearly shows Paul in a sitting position, leaned over towards the drivers side. His legs are still even bent.

RIP Paul

290 days ago

Nate K    

Whoever wrote this story is a moron. Unfortunately Paul did not die within a nanosecond of impact. If the author read the coroners official cause of death it was from impact and fire. aka burned to death. Roger Rodas, the driver, was the only one who died from impact alone.

290 days ago


Keep holding the camera and filming while two people are burning up in a car. Lovely.

290 days ago


If he died in nanoseconds why is thermal trauma listed as partial cause of death? Video proves that it took 60 seconds after impact for the car to ignite. He may have died in nanoseconds after he caught on fire but not after the accident. This nanoseconds thing may make people feel better but the video says the man was in that car alive until the flames (60... seconds after impact) Maybe he died in nanoseconds after he caught fire but it was not nanoseconds after the accident

290 days ago


I am sorry, I do not get it. You all hate TMZ but you are all members and reading it? Deep down inside you all dig this death or you would not be here. He choose to live a public life. It's no wonder he has a public death. Well, maybe not that public. He did keep his 16 year old girlfriend top secret!

290 days ago
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