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'Naked & Afraid' Star

Catches Dengue Fever in Panama Jungle

Nearly Bleeds to Death

12/7/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A female survival expert who appeared on "Naked & Afraid" is currently recovering from DENGUE FEVER -- and nearly died -- after contracting the virus in a Panama jungle, TMZ has learned.

45-year-old Manu Toigo was bit by a mosquito back in September, while filming her episode (which airs this weekend on the Discovery Channel).

At first, Manu says she didn't think twice about the bug bite ... until she arrived back in L.A. days later and began to experience a severe headache between the eyes. The headache progressed to a fever, then nosebleeds and gum bleeding, then she couldn't even stand up.

Doctors initially told Manu she was anemic, but things only got worse -- and she was forced to go back to the hospital, where they finally diagnosed her with dengue hemorrhagic fever ... the worst form of dengue fever.

FYI, Dengue fever becomes "hemorrhagic" when the virus damages blood vessels to the point they hemmorhage internally. And the worst part -- there's no cure.

Manu says she got to the hospital just in time, and doctors kept a close eye on her -- pumping her with fluids and plasma -- so she was able to make a decent recovery. Manu spent a total of 2 weeks in the hospital and is now in physical therapy, trying to get back on her feet. She says she's still in agonizing pain all over her body.

But if you're wondering if she regrets going on the show ... Manu says, "Hell no ... most epic experience I could ever have done."


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your a f****** dumbass

285 days ago

Colin Cote    

This was one of the best episodes so far except for Cassie dragging everybody down for a while. Terrible that Manu was struck with Dengue. As far as the dweebs that think staying in the states is the answer. Too bad that they will never experience any real freedom or adventure in their lives.

285 days ago


I keep reading "she did something stupid and doesn't get my sympathy". Did any of you keyboard cowboys bother to read the article, or do you just blindly make uneducated comments based on assumptions? She doesn't want sympathy and here is her quote assuming you didn't take the time to read (But if you're wondering if she regrets going on the show ... Manu says, "Hell no ... most epic experience I could ever have done.") What exactly was so stupid about her going on an experience of a lifetime and being bit by a mosquito? If she was camping in the states and bit, would that then get your sympathy? You just don't make any sense other than being an ass.

285 days ago


Oh what an over exaggeration! I caught dengue fever when I used to live in Honduras 2 years ago. For me, it was nothing more than a severe fever and joint pains that knocked me off my feet for a good 48 hours...

285 days ago


Manu, I'm so impressed with you, so sorry you are dealing with this . Thank you for being an inspiration and a role model for women everywhere.

285 days ago

Wut Defock    

Too bad it was not the whiny **** blonde on that episode.

285 days ago


I once got Dengue fever staying in a hotel in New Jersey.

285 days ago


Wait....being naked, afraid and catching some deadly disease in a jungle you have no business being in makes you a "Star?" Good gawd people....

285 days ago


You guys a *******s for making fun of Manu's unfortunate sickness. I enjoy 99% of your humor but when you make fun of someone for something they had no control over - your an *******!!! Next you'll be making fun of the mentally challenged and homosexuals. *******S!

284 days ago


Get well soon Manu!

284 days ago


What a stupid show! I hate these morons that go out in middle of nowhere - people should respect nature enough to stay the hell out of it!

284 days ago

Andrew Berry    

I hope she is doing okay.

283 days ago


Dengue fever varys greatly it can kill you easily if its a certain kind. And she was spec ops and your talking **** about her. Im sure shes fought for her country at some point. At her best I bet she could snap your neck with two fingers. Experience makes you, so I wouldn't wanna meet you whining bitches that have no life. I have the utmost respect for here cuts she handled her **** and she kept it real it that crazy ass ****. I think she was sick through the whole thing. Can't believed you people driving a car is dangerous as hell I've been hospitalized 4 times just from them and I'm 23 but we do it. Are we all stupid? I hope the hell she is OK too berry lol

279 days ago


Dengue hemorragico is not an incurable disease, if she wants to heal quickly prepare soup with chicken feet and cilantro (only that) she has to eat that three or four times a day. She will get better with no pain in her body no more. Tell her that

263 days ago


Holy people are so dumb I know this woman she is originally from North Queensland Australia and where we are in the tropics we get dengue so no she wasn't stupid for going to the jungle you can also get this in suburban areas of Australia

193 days ago
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