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Kanye West


... Just Like a Police Officer

12/9/2013 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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First Tom Cruise, now Kanye West is comparing his profession to BEING AT WAR ... saying just like soldiers and cops, HE PUTS HIS LIFE ON THE LINE when he goes to work.

Yeezus made the statements to Saturday Night Online this weekend, saying rapping is very dangerous work -- "This is like being a police officer or something ... or like war or something."

"You're literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen to you."

But Kanye says it's not JUST the physical risks (he says he could slip on the stage) ... KW also risks getting his feelings hurt -- because people could watch a show and decide they don't like him.

Yeah, just like a cop or a soldier.  



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Doesnt everyone risk their lives everyday? I mean honestly, not one of us knows when our time on Earth is up.

316 days ago


Why is it they kill Tupac, but not this idiot.

316 days ago

Nobody Special    

Kangay obsesses over Fashion much more than Rue Paul. Take a Walk on The Wild Side,
and the color girls go...

Every gentleman enjoys a nice Armani Suit, but you won't catch me wearing Leather Skirts and Dresses like Kangay. He is one Cross-Dressing Mo-Fo.

The Skirts combined with his Ear-Rings must fulfill his deep feminine feelings to feel accomplished in The "Fashion" World. When he looks in the mirror he must say, "Wow, I look really feminine now" before he goes out dressed like a Queen.

Kim picked Kangay to have the baby because he was safe and she knows she can shake-him-down for some coin soon.

He is such a sucker. They are all laughing at him in Paris and Milan. The Drag Queens in Paris mock Kangay all the time, even the Street Performers have an act wearing a skirt and they do the "I gotta take a dump" Kangay dance. It's hysterical and the act is outside Musée d'Orsay. The ending is really funny, when the Toursist are taking pics of the Kangay Street Performer, he runs at them pretending he is going to fight them and take their cameras, while he holds the cup out for some Euros. He is one funny guy.

316 days ago


I think Kanye says stupid crap like this to try and kep himself relevant. For sure it won't be his music doing that for him.

316 days ago


Phucked in the head.

316 days ago


Kanye u know what's even more dangerous..... Being a kardashian..... Think about that smart one....idiot... Or better yet like his wide to be says: "ignorance"

316 days ago

my 2 cents    

There is justice in this world - Kim gets to listen to him all day.

316 days ago

Are you sure?    

What a sociopath!!

316 days ago


kanye is comparing himself to a cop or a soldier. seriously dude uneed to wake up because there are heroes and there are zeros. you sir are a zero and the ONLY reason you name is in the news is because you are dating and had a kid with a famous woman.

316 days ago


He is a ****ing idiot!!!! The more he opens his mouth, the more he shows us just how delusional he is!!!

316 days ago


What about being an idiot, now that's dangerous, nobody's listening to a fool like you, man you have lost your mind and it shows. Nobody cares about your rich people problems, and we don't care how much money you are trying to accumalate to have for big face north, she not our child, so we don't care.

316 days ago


Hey are Dumb and Dumber....

316 days ago

David in Bangkok    

What a piece of crap! a little man with money and a complex. Could he be doing this simply for attention? When you drop out of school in the 8th grade you can be a sucess but you will never understand life until it's too late. This girlie man could not walk around LA at night without getting bitch slapped or worse. He be crying to his mama.

316 days ago

Raved really need to retract that statement. You are nothing like a police officer. Not even a tiny bit. What are you thinking by making such an inflated statement?? I challenge you to ride with a cop for just one night and then maybe you'll see just how delusional you are. Police officers get bad press constantly. So they deal with that too, but they do and deal with so much more. A police officer is killed once every 52 hours. Number one cause- gunfire. They face things you will only see in your nightmares from your plush little bed in your mansion. It takes a very small man to compare himself to someone of such greater worth. Does your job involve sacrificing your live so that others may be safe? Nope. Do you make $14 an hour? Nope. Do you hold a terrified child in your arms because that child has been neglected, abused or raped? Nope. Do you get shot at on a regular basis? Nope. Do you run in towards a mass murderer when everyone else is running away? Nope. Do you face people who want and try to take your life every single day at work? Nope. Do you carry out mangled bodies of school children after a school shooting? Nope. Do you spend 15 hours straight talking someone out of suicide? Nope. Do you clear buildings just praying you spot the suspect before they spot you? Nope. Do you hold people as you give them the news that their loved one is dead? Nope. Do you try to hold back the tears as you work a fatality accident involving children? Nope. You don't do anything a police officer does. You tour on your cozy tour bus, give concerts, and make records- all while being protected by a team of bodyguards. Nobody protects the cops, they are the protectors. They deserve your salary and you deserve theirs, but thing is...they don't do their job for the money. Betcha can't say the same. They do it to save lives. They wrestle with memories of dead babies, abused and raped women, dead suspects who gave them no choice, bullets flying towards them, and so so so so so so much more. The things I've described are just the tip of the iceberg. You're nothing like them. You're jobs are not similar in any shape, form or fashion. You might hurt yourself dancing on stage or the news media might report something bad about you... Big %^#*}%^ deal. Your child will never have to sit at home and wonder if daddy will come home tonight or why daddy got shot or why he had to lay down his life for others. Your child will never struggle with post traumatic disorder from your shooting. Your child will never have to want for anything because money is too tight. Your child will never see you weep unmanly tears because the things you deal with were just too much this time and you can't get that crime scene, that dead body, that accident, that bullet out of your mind. Your shelves will be decorated with awards and albums, pictures of you with other celebrities and so on. The policeman's shelf holds the first bullet he ever took and survived, awards that he didn't have to sing but yet almost die to get, acknowledgments for saving lives, and likely the flag his wife was presented at his funeral. You just blew any integrity anyone might have thought you had.

316 days ago


Not to get entirely off the subject, but Kanye is PHUKIN FUGLY! I mean, I could see him getting away with saying & doing stupid things if he were great looking, but the fact is, he's not. He is unattractive,, his music is stupid, his sense of fashion is typical ghetto, and his lack of a fun personality and his arrogance is mind boggling.

316 days ago
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