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Jay Z

Nelson Mandela Shout Out:

If Y'all Got a Dream, Chase That Muthaf***er Down

12/10/2013 7:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Z performed a show-stopping tribute to Nelson Mandela in L.A. -- and if it sounds familiar ... that's because he laid down the same exact tribute to Trayvon Martin months ago.

During the intro to his hit, "Young Forever" ... Jay told the Staples Center crowd last night, "We wanna dedicate this song to Nelson Mandela."

The crowd sang along and put cell phones in the air -- but some critics are calling out Jigga because during his summer tour he frequently performed the song and dedicated it to Trayvon.

Look, it's not like the song is NOT appropriate for Mandela -- but is the sentiment cheapened if it's a rerun?


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Leave in to an enward to potty mouf a tribute.. oh well it was one enward to another I guess.

316 days ago


Trayvon is no where NEAR on Mandela's level. Only idiots got caught up in the 'trayvon was a victim of racism' discourse. The rest of us who are not blind sheeple saw it for it was.

316 days ago


It is not anywhere NEAR the same level as Trayvon. Mandela was a man who changed and tried to change an entire country's deep-seated issues.

Trayvon was some punk who died by running his mouth to the wrong person.

316 days ago


Be sure to sell drug first and find some to clean your money..... then sell you sole to devil.

316 days ago


Do u all know what mandela really was. He was a hate monger not at all a peaceful man. Read a book and do some research..

316 days ago


racquel is a stuupid racist! so is van!

obama's gonna pay my gas bill!!!

no wonder america is so ****ed.

316 days ago


I think that was a good song, hoodishhh , trending ishhh

316 days ago

Nobody Special    

It's unbelievable that suckers actually pay to watch Jay-Sleeze Babble out a bunch of garble you cannot even understand and he is charging all these suckers huge money for tickets to his shows. From Selling Hard Drugs to poor drug users on the Streets to Gangsta Music that most people can't understand, the 1%-ter is showing everyone how to take the little money his have and make himself richer. Jay and Bey are laughing all the way to the bank. To all the suckers who pay for this garble, save your pennies, high Taxes are coming for many years.

316 days ago


Jay z sucks

316 days ago


where is your class man

316 days ago


How soon we forget that Elton John does the same thing. Candle in the Wind was used for Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and Ryan White. All of a sudden it's a "cheap trick"??? Really?

316 days ago


MutherF#cker - To use that word in a tribute to Mandela is disrespectful to say the least. On the other hand what do you expect from a talentless MotherF#cking DOUCHE BAG who can't talk, has a grade one education and is married to a F#cking Tool who dosen't know left from right. Rap is dead A$$HOLE. The Canadians.......;-p

315 days ago


YOung Forever is NOT even his song!!!!!
get with it dumb people!!!!!!!
Raquel shut up!

315 days ago


Raquel get your loud mouth outta my TV frame!
Lay-Z is an idiot for doing this. he hasn't made a good song since I just Wanna Love you!
puts three words to a new song, "yeah- uh, yeah..." has somebody else collab on it and gets paid. this fool is a joke now.

315 days ago
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