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Sharon Osbourne

I Lied About My Hoo-Ha

It's Not as Tight As You Thought

12/11/2013 10:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sharon Osbourne is taking full responsibility for misleading her fans about the tightness of her hoo-ha ... admitting she MADE UP the story about getting vaginal rejuvenation.

Osbourne appeared on "Howard Stern" on Sirius/XM this morning and exposed herself -- saying she was simply messing with Graham Norton when she recently told the BBC talk show host she had a surgical procedure to tighten up her lady junk.

"I made it up just to be flippant," Sharon said ... adding, "How could I do that after I've had so much ill health? Now I'm not gonna start putting scaffolding up my vagina?"

And now you know.


No Avatar


Why the **** did Howard Stern ask her about her ****ing 'Hoo-Ha'??? We do not want to know about it!

316 days ago


I just threw up my lunch.

316 days ago


Ugh - who talks about this stuff? TMI. And I would be embarrassed even mentioning the subject. Geez!

316 days ago


Sharon's been with Ozzie since before he was famous and put up with a LOT of sh!t from him....she is probably the only reason why he is still alive. Have some respect.

But...I don't care to hear about her lady bits!

316 days ago


Sharon needs to shut her foul mouth and go away!
She is disgusting and nobody cares what she has to say.
Is CBS getting tired of her yet and ready to kick her off THE TALK - hope so.

316 days ago


She is just stupid & makes stupid remarks just to get your goat.

316 days ago

BB not bb    

She convinced me the first time she brought it up so now I am not sure. She is either a good liar the first or second time. I kind of feel like she did it or why would she mention it so seriously? I guess she babbles but that is a very weird thing to have on your mind for no reason.

Maybe she is ashamed of saying that now. Doesn't she have enough excitement in her life yet without saying such crazy things? I was shocked to hear about what Sydney Leathers did, so this is not out of the realm of possibility.

316 days ago


Is the filter that makes you not say stupid sh*t on a regular basis broken in Sharon, or is it just missing all together? I mean everybody's filter goes on the fritz occasionally, but this chick is just non-stop. We don't want to know anything about your vagina, Sharon.

P.S. Ozzy Rules!

316 days ago


That's exciting

316 days ago


Go back to England

316 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

May be one of the last hoo-has in the world I want to think about. Thanks a lot. Ozzy does that hoo-ha!! Ewww

316 days ago


please deport this mouth back to the UK

316 days ago

Big Momma    

No wonder her youngest daughter is such a vulgar hateful mess....just like her momma. What a disgusting way to grab more publicity. They may consider themselves rock n roll royalty, but classy they aint. All sharons plastic surgery, maybe she can add a edit button to her pea brain.

316 days ago


She should have told OZZY to grow a bigger ****!

316 days ago


Am l on the wrong site? I've never seen such prudish comments like this on TMZ. Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor. You all act like she killed someone and ate them. Sharon is a strong woman in a mans world who's kicked azz for 30+ years. She's had to be salty to play in the sand box. Sharon rules!

316 days ago
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