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Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson Documentary

Money Grab?

12/18/2013 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's mom SAYS she's doing a heartfelt documentary about her son's life ... but the reality is ... it seems to be a shameful money grab.

Katherine Jackson has announced she wants to do the documentary, but needs the fans to send her money to pay for the licensing of Michael's image and music.  Translation -- she's insinuating the big bad Michael Jackson Estate is being coldhearted and greedy by charging Michael's family.

Here's the reality ... Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Estate, tells TMZ NO ONE from the Jackson family has contacted him or anyone else from the Estate asking for permission to use MJ's image and music.  Weitzman wants to make it clear ... "The Estate would never ask Michael's fans to contribute their money to finance any speculative project."

Katherine is using a website to solicit donations and is offering MJ merchandise as bait.   FYI, the license for merchandising is held by Bravado, so Katherine can't do that without permission.

If Katherine makes the documentary, the people it will likely hurt are Michael's kids.  That's because THEY are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Estate, and if the Estate does an MJ documentary in the future (which is almost certain), it will probably be devalued by anything Katherine does.

And it still gets worse ... Katherine and company have enlisted the help of Blanket, Paris and Prince to solicit funds from fans.  It's pretty clear -- they don't understand the implications of helping her out.


It's a safe bet the Estate will not give Katherine permission.  Weitzman says, "The Estate will continue to release only the highest quality finished, professional projects showcasing the genius and humanity of Michael such as the 'This is It' film and the 2 very successful shows with Cirque du Soleil."

So the bottom line -- if the Estate doesn't give permission to use MJ's music and image, the documentary won't get made.  So what happens to the money the fans contribute?  Well Katherine is using a website to solicit donations that allows her to keep all funds even if the project isn't made.  So guess who ends up with the loot?

So we gotta ask ...


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Well everyone else is making money off him (TMZ included) why shouldn't his mother?

317 days ago


A money grab you say? Of course it's a money grab by that professional grifter family. They just can't let go of the fact that their money choo-choo had it's end of the line.

317 days ago


The picture looks exactly like jehovas witness literature propaganda. Same art.

317 days ago

Dingo Ate My Baby    

wow they really like their pancakes.

317 days ago


Its shameful what his family has done. its unfortunate that he enabled it for so long that this is the only thing they know. Its like what would the Kardashians do once the cameras are off? The exact same thing, lower (I mean underground here) themselves to make a buck.

317 days ago


You know Michael never at pancakes...

just waffles and chicken..

317 days ago


kath, such a greedy shrew. you let joe have his incestuous way with your children, and now you're doing the same with your dead son's memory. how sad you are.

317 days ago


Why is Scott Disick at the table with them?

317 days ago


Big surprise. They forced children to be musicians

317 days ago


Ho' family of dead drug addict child rapist need mo' money

317 days ago


I'd bet my last dollar that Jermaine and the rest of the bunch are taking advantage of Katherine's old age to get her to do this. They have no shame and i hope someone steps in who will stop the madness.

317 days ago


He still expects Michael to support her even though he's dead. I have to wonder just how those kids are being cared for. I really hope the public doesn't send her money

317 days ago


"Welcome fans" = welcome you idiots, you, who still give a sh*t about what a sick s.o.a.b Michael really was.

317 days ago


Just when I think this family cannot get any more despicable (no I don't include the three kids) they manage to outdo themselves yet again.

317 days ago


Since Katharine is Losing her Appeals with AEG now she is Begging for money from Michaels fans. If they give her the money, the fans deserve what they paid for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

317 days ago
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