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'Duck Dynasty' Fans


A&E's Denying Him Freedom of Speech

12/19/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Thousands of "Duck Dynasty" fans are on a mission to end Phil Robertson's network suspension over his anti-gay comments -- 'cause they say A&E is denying him his human rights.

Over 35 THOUSAND people have signed a petition -- which fired up yesterday on -- demanding A&E end the suspension.

Even worse for the network ... it's being ROASTED on social media by DD fans -- hundreds of people are accusing A&E of not allowing Phil Robertson his basic right to freedom of speech.

One fan put the network on blast saying, "As a gay male, is what he said wrong and not educated about how gay people really are? Yes it was. Does he have the right to speak on what he thinks YES HE DOES!"

The fan adds, "Was I offended NO I WASN'T he is a smart man and could learn the truth about things he has no idea about. He's old school you can't hate on him for his beliefs DO NOT GET RID OF PHIL ON THIS SHOW! KEEP HIM!! I will no longer watch if he's gone!!!"

So, we gotta ask ...


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Can you add an "I'm apathtic" option to the poll? I'm sure there would be a big number for that vote.

273 days ago


Outrageous!!! Networks allow shows about drug use, with alcohol, sex, foul language, celebrities who O D get huge recognition yet speak what it says in the bible and you get suspended. The Robertson's do not need A&E. Don't forget all the celebs that are always half naked, like that's appropriate...society is seriously messed up.

273 days ago

BB not bb    

This is a dangerous landslide in the downfall of American morals. This is the point of no return, the Rubicon, the last straw. If you are allowed to be openly be discriminated against for being Christian, in spite of freedom of religion and civil rights laws, then what is next? Will you be persecuted for not participating what your religion is against also?

Will bands of gays roam the streets and demand you perform a sex act to prove that you are not prejudiced? The last days are going to be more sinful than even the days of Noah when mankind was wiped from the face of the earth. Mankind will be judged again soon.

It is like the Muslims going around making people recite from the Koran or they get shot. Maybe the gays or gay promoters will roam around demanding people perform sex acts or they will be shot.

Look at what they did to Gaddafi and tell me that this gay agenda does not go hand in hand with the LGBT agenda. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

This country was founded as a Christian nation. Stand on the rock of Christ.

273 days ago


F***** A&E bring phil back

273 days ago


*This whole situation is actually a reflection of what we should allow in schools also. No one cares about things until it affects them in any way. Since Phil is a source of entertainment for us, we automatically get angry when his rights are taken away from him. But what about the people/kids that get in trouble for speaking about Christian beliefs in school/work as Phil did? I do understand why teachers aren't allowed to pray aloud in a classroom full of small children in school. I could see where that could be meant to manipulate children's immature minds into going the Christian faith. But I, AS A STUDENT, should be able to pray aloud or express my beliefs, as any other person should. I honestly couldn't care less if someone outside of Christianity started praying to their God right next to me during school. I'm not overly sensitive. Allowing this kind of thing in daily life is actually less of a big deal if you think about it. But for some reason, when one person gets angry/hurt over it, and decides to make it a bigger deal than it really is, no one does anything to stop them from bringing it to the courts and completely abolishing OUR RIGHTS to SPEAK FREELY of WHATEVER God you serve. It's really an interesting concept that America thinks that makes sense. I'd love to hear ANYTHING that makes sense about that. But since it doesn't affect me, it obviously doesn't matter. (sarcasm) I'm not even that religious. I'm just saying, that I should be able to speak about whatever I want because that's my right. I personally don't like rights being swept from under me. And I'm not the type to shut up about it. So there's that.*

273 days ago

Miss k    

Why do we seem to always forgive Alec Baldwin (the media) & etc ..every time he says something is far more worse then What phil said .phil voiced his opinion and that's what he feels .

273 days ago


Team Phil!!!

273 days ago


f*ck you homophobic straight c*nts. Go shove a bible up ur *ss. F*ck ur dumb religion and ur hatred. Gays are the superior human beings

273 days ago


Disagree with bringing Phil back. I'd prefer the entire show QUIT and take their massive profits to another network - let A&E suffer the financial penalty for siding with the gestapo.

273 days ago


NOPE! Do NOT want to see Phil brought back!

Would prefer to see the entire cast and crew QUIT, let A&E then try to force them back, but take the show to another network.

Let A&E suffer the financial penalty for siding with the Gestapo.

273 days ago


How can these network ppl be so worried about offending ppl when they do it all the time on other shows? The man's a christian, in a round about way he,s only quoting what's in the bible. 1corinthians chapter 6, take a look people!

273 days ago


how about adding a 3rd option for voting? One that says "an obvious ploy to obtain ratings" since that is all this really is!

273 days ago

Angel Heffington    

People are taking things to far. Everyone has their opinion and last I read that right has not been taken away from YET. If u don't like what a person stands for then don't watch the show. Personally I love the show and I hope the rest of his family walks till he is welcomed back!

273 days ago


What would happen if one of Phil's grandkids was gay? Would that child be shunned by the family as ungodly?

273 days ago


I am all for gay rights and equality, but I am also FOR freedom of speech! You can't say anything in this country anymore without SOMEONE being offended.

273 days ago
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