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'Duck Dynasty' Sponsor

We Stand Behind Phil

12/19/2013 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If "Duck Dynasty" network A&E feared advertisers would scatter like waterfowl after a shotgun blast because of Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments ... it's not happening.

A company called Skyjacker -- which builds truck suspensions -- tells us it stands solidly behind Phil and the show ... saying it's a matter of God and country -- it's a free country and Phil has a right to his opinions.

Company brass tells us it goes beyond the Constitution ... to the Creator:  "We are a Christian- based company and actively share our faith so standing with Phil Robertson is an easy choice for us."

Robertson opened up a can of worms when he said homosexuality and bestiality were the same sin ... his church seems to back Phil up on that.

Officials at White's Ferry Road Church just told us, "We love him and support him."



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Quote --- Robertson opened up a can of worms when he said homosexuality and bestiality were the same sin ... his church seems to back Phil up on that. ---
In English and American law they are they same. They are Crimes against Nature. Generally in American criminal statutes the 2 were both part of the same statute. Crimes against Nature are a violation of Natural Law.

307 days ago


A&E should just drop the show, they and their fans are a bunch of ignorant imbeciles.

307 days ago


I agree with Phil!!

307 days ago


Screw A&E!!! There are many broadcasting companies that would love to have their ratings... #teamphil #philthesenutsA&E

307 days ago


I wonder if A&E will tell Phil that it felt it had to temporarily cave to gay activist pressure after filming had already wrapped for the season (which it had), and just needed to do this symbolic act against him in order to keep the naive young college adults who normally lack insight about gay and leftwing opportunism who might be viewers.

The Left loves their symbolic acts.

307 days ago

BB not bb    

You are free to be Christian in name only. If you follow the book of God instead of the book of A&E, out you go into the streets. How is that for tolerance?

Do you know that in Egypt, if they catch anyone being gay they get the death penalty? Gays have it so good here that people in other parts of the world can't understand it. They consider gayness as a disease that will spread if it is not wiped out by execution.

Yet they want to attack this man for allegedly giving gays a hard time? Go do something for the gays in Islamic countries and stop spreading your hate against Christians.

307 days ago


"The Same Sin? "
me- thinks you need to read the GQ Article Jack

307 days ago


He said once one sin was committed all the sins were the same and it says in the bible a man shall not lay with another man BUT iy also says come to me as you are which means gay straight or whatever and this is suppose to be a free country where he has freedom of speech go and read on the GQ website and read exactly what he said before believing what tmz says he said

307 days ago


I have never watched one episode. Racial profiling on reality show. Who would of thought LOL.Nothing new here.

307 days ago

David Gerrior    

God Bless Phil Robertson for reminding the American people that we are one nation under god. That includes Gays and Lesbians. It is Phil's right to condone such action among the gay and lesbian community, just as it is the gay and lesbian's right to express their own views. Being able to express our personal feelings should never be an issue. Ultimately, in the end, our actions will be judged.

Let no man or woman judge another human being, for they too will be judged in the end. All human beings are equal in the eyes of god. If Phil is wrong, then let god be the judge of that. This is a free country, please let us keep it that way.

307 days ago


Nice, good to hear

307 days ago


A&E should be fearing the negative response to their censorship.

307 days ago


I'm not religious but doesn't the bible say no sin is greater than the next - and doesn't the bible also say homosexuality is a sin? So where is this dude off by comparing the two sins as the same? Just trying to understand Christian logic here..

307 days ago

The Turth     

The gays wants everybody to say that being gay is O.K. , because every time they hear that being gay is wrong, not natural, are sinfulI it is, it reminds them how wrong they are. THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TURTH.

307 days ago


A&E, down the PoopShoot.... Along with MSNBC and CNN.

307 days ago
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