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'Duck Dynasty' Sponsor

We Stand Behind Phil

12/19/2013 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If "Duck Dynasty" network A&E feared advertisers would scatter like waterfowl after a shotgun blast because of Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments ... it's not happening.

A company called Skyjacker -- which builds truck suspensions -- tells us it stands solidly behind Phil and the show ... saying it's a matter of God and country -- it's a free country and Phil has a right to his opinions.

Company brass tells us it goes beyond the Constitution ... to the Creator:  "We are a Christian- based company and actively share our faith so standing with Phil Robertson is an easy choice for us."

Robertson opened up a can of worms when he said homosexuality and bestiality were the same sin ... his church seems to back Phil up on that.

Officials at White's Ferry Road Church just told us, "We love him and support him."



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He has the right to say whatever he wants in this country, just as his employer has the same free speech right to suspend him for making bigoted public statements that run contrary to their policies. When will America's fascination with ignorant hillbillies end?

317 days ago


Wrong! He never equated homosexuality with bestiality. Let's not make things up now - just report.

317 days ago


Whether or not you agree with what he says, gay, straight, or otherwise, we are all the result of a penis and a vagina coming together at some point. This has been blown way out of proportion I think given his statement, to us it doesn't show any malice or hatred for gay people, just his opinion which just like was said earlier they have always been forthcoming with their beliefs and religious feelings. Its just an opinion people that's it.

317 days ago


Hope you realize that you just penalize yourself for trying to "punish" someone, who can careless about your network your money or the show, for his right to free speech and freedom of religion? Hmmm... don't think Phil Robertson is going to care or shed any tears about not being on your show, but A&E will certainly feel the pain of the lack of viewers and the drop in your networks supporters! Did you not realize that most of the of Duck Dynasty viewers are die hard, proud to be, warm blooded Americans. Who still believe in one nation under God, and by God we mean the God of the bible. Not in one Nation under "I stand for nothing and care about whatever is trending." Epic Fail A&E.

317 days ago


good for them. fight the PC idiot bullies!

317 days ago


Idiots. He never said they were "the same sin". He listed a number of sins the bible lists and those two happen to be in there. He also said drunkards, adultury, etc.... I don't hear you all accusing him of saying that was the same sin as bestiality. Too bad you people are too stupid to know how to actually comprehend a quote.

317 days ago


good for them. Stand up to those PC bullies!

317 days ago


They will support Phil and I will support the sponsors. A&E and the PC group, and those sponsors who don't support Phil, have made a huge mistake. Huge.

317 days ago

duk N run    

Phil knows one thing about show business - there ain't no such thing as bad publicity. The $ will "flock" in now.

317 days ago


More than anything, I hate that TMZ felt it was necessary to input the name of the church that supports the Robertson's. Mostly because almost ALL churches support them. Leave the churches out of this and get over yourselves.

317 days ago


People need to stop saying he is anti gay . He didn't say anything new. People in any religion know that being gay is a sin. He was just stating the obvious. The gay community are a bunch of idiots that they get offended by anything and everything. They need to take that stick out of there ass and stop acting like victims.

317 days ago



317 days ago



317 days ago


He did not say that homosexuality and beastiality were the same. He was listing sins in response to the question "What, in your mind, is sinful?" He then responded with a list. YOU ARE FUELING MISINFORMATION. Read the GQ article in context!

317 days ago


The gay community has been hijacked by zealots , bigots & the media.

317 days ago
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