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Steve Harvey

Cleared of Horrendous Child Abuse Allegations

12/20/2013 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Harvey
 was accused by his ex-wife and 11-year-old son of brutally beating the boy ... but Harvey's rep tells TMZ the comedian has been cleared.

A judge found Mary Harvey in contempt Thursday and sent her to jail for leaking sealed information about the alleged incident to the media. 

As for the incident ... according to a police report -- obtained by TMZ -- Mary claims Steve got a phone call from the boy's school informing him his son lied about turning in homework.  According to the kid, Steve hit him with a belt and then a paddle board -- the kind used for hazing in fraternities.

According to the police report ... cops took photos of the boy's injuries, showing bruises on his buttocks and right thigh, as well as cuts on his leg.  The police report says the boy told cops, the beating was so brutal he had trouble urinating for days. 

The matter was then referred to the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services.  Steve's rep tells TMZ, the Dept. concluded, "Based on the information obtained, the child does not appear to be at risk ... the case is closed without further investigation."

Mary believes that it's all a cover-up, and she's been on a campaign for several years to expose him.  But yesterday the judge had enough and felt she violated the protective order in the case and threw her in jail for 30 days.


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Wow. Just wow!!!

305 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

great message. Go ahead and beat you child. If the mother talks and tries to get help we'll just throw her in jail for it. Go ahead and beat your child for a month free now.

305 days ago

Wow ...    

If the boy had physical injuries from corporal punishment then it is abuse. With that being said, there are not enough parents willing to spank a child now a days and the kids have gone wild. JMO

305 days ago


I so do not want to believe Steve Harvey abused his son.

305 days ago


Thirty days.....that should cool her jets.

305 days ago


There is something I just don't like about Steve Harvey and I can def see him being a kid abuser

305 days ago


Sounds like the judge was paid off

305 days ago


Well now it made it to TMZ so I guess her getting arrested is worth it for the exposure

305 days ago


Is ok to hit u kids is no ok hit then and send then to the hospital that's bad parenting

305 days ago


That's exactly how it works. People trying to stop assaults against kids are targeted. That's how it works people. If you don't know thst see the video here. At the bottom do the page, here.

305 days ago


This happened in Texas....not California where murderers go free

305 days ago

user name    

If my child got hit like that I would've done the same thing.

305 days ago


So he disciplined his liar soon and this qualifies as "horrendous chills abuse?" Seriously? gmab.

305 days ago


Well my problem here is, if the case was closed after an investigation and he was cleared, WHY THE HELL IS THERE A GAG ORDER? Doesn't make a single solitary sense to me.

305 days ago


Something's not adding up here. Kid has tangible evidence of abuse, mother continues speaking out, and $$$$$ father tries to hush it up by mother and mother gets thrown in jail?

Oh wait, I know what doesn't add up. It's the FAMILY COURT system, where things like this happen every day.

I believe Ms. Harvey and her son. Those injuries didn't come out of nowhere, and these children and youth service agencies in each state aren't exactly known for protecting those they're supposed to be helping.

305 days ago
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