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Charlie Sheen

I'm Gonna See My Sons for Christmas!

12/22/2013 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_sheen_boys_scott_mueller_tmzCharlie Sheen is no longer on Santa's naughty list ... the actor was just given an awesome Christmas gift -- permission to celebrate with his twin boys.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... the kids temp guardian Scott Mueller (Brooke Mueller's brother) has no interest in punishing Bob and Max on Christmas ... so he and Sheen hooked it up.

We're told Charlie's stoked that he can spend Christmas with the boys -- it takes the sting not seeing daughters Lola and Sam ... who are going on a trip with other ex-wife Denise Richards ... Sheen claims he's not allowed to tag along.

Bah humbug.



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Somebody needs to tell this brain dead idiot being a father means you see your kids 365 days per year. This guy is not only stupid but tries everyday to be a media hound.

306 days ago


charlie should be taken to a mental hospital asap

306 days ago


one of the twins looks like an angry little psycho, just like his dad

306 days ago


Still an arse. Prat can't ge troubled to raise his children himself.

306 days ago


I wanna spend my quality time with Denise, personally.

306 days ago

Eye roll     

He talks so much crap against his exes- but why is he NOT allowed to have custody of his children? I love Denise- ewe what did she even see in him. She's beautiful and sweet

306 days ago


He'll show up two hours late reeking of cigarettes and lube, say a few indecipherable banalities and then leave for some hooker party in Calabasas.

Max and Bob are so lucky.

306 days ago


Poor kids. I hope they have bodyguards.

306 days ago


I have supported Charlie all this time, but his lost move with letting the new porn star call the shots has made me throw in the towel.

306 days ago

Take America Back!    

Charlie get right with God. Drop the pornstars and be the strong, admirable man God intended you to be. You could really have it all and have the power to change all your children's lives. I still gave faith that this next year Charlie is ready for a great transformation

306 days ago


Between the caretakers, social services, two moms, nannies and assorted motley characters in these kids lives, they'll likely don't even know who's Dad.

306 days ago


Good Morning...I actually have a few things to say about the status of Charlie exactly Do u know who Charlie Sheen is??? He is a made up name that doesnt represent his real life and is a Famous Celebrity in which does not use his real name...Do u all even know his real nane??? #2...Just becuz his life is in the media spot like does not give u *******s that are negatively Slandering this guys stage name all over the world...When in fact u *******s really know **** about his real personal life...#3...Has it ever occured to u that all these comments can be posted just to get a glimpes on the public view on this topic and this really isnt about him...Yet u in general???#4... What if this News Media was all bull**** and none of the News these people represent are actually true??? Wouldnt u feel like a real ******* for putting ur two cents into this mans business??? #5...Alot of times...Abusers will actually put their two cents in to put all the attention onto someone else in disguise so their secret is not known...Especially someone negative with negitive thoughts...Could this be u??? #6... One day these children are going to grie up and might get a hold of all these comment and hoe are u goung to feel that u actually put their father down in Public??? Wont u feel like a real dumbass when maybe his children stalk ur ass down and fave u with ur rude and ignorant words of bull****??? #7...Where is the compassion as to hey Charlie...Let me help u out...Do u need a friend??? Thingy??? U quick to judge him yet what about ur iwn life u *******??? #9...This could all be some type of acting stunt with Carlos under his stage nane purpisely done jyst to see what kind of negative *******s there are in the workd...Now hoe stupid will u hobestly look considering he is an Actor??? Pretty stupid...U yhink??? # 10...All u negativities out there??? Honestly **** off...We honestly dont need ur dumbass iignorance anywhere on this planet called Earth...So my advice to u is to shut the **** up if u actually have nothing nice to say...If God willing...U will get life one day...Until then??? U are nothing but an ******* and u really need to get a ****ing life...Good luck with that...

306 days ago


Ohhh btw...??? I actually skipped #8...#8 is...Look into ur own frigging backyard before u just assume u have it better than him...His life is probablyamazing and he could actually be the happiest man alive... happyamzing and hehis children

306 days ago


And honestly??? All u negativities out there...Are nothing more than Haters...And I personally find u Haters very funny...U all are jealous of other peoples lives and becuz others have made something out of their lives u put them down becuz u feel like ur nothing...Honestly...Carlos Estevez probably laughs his ass off at u all and the Media does too...Behind close doors...So u jyst keep being Haters...Karmas a Mother****er and honestly ur the ****ing bitch...

306 days ago


Those two damaged little boys are going to wreak havoc on the world.

306 days ago
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