Charlie Sheen Drops $50K To Fight Child Homelessness

12/22/2013 12:05 AM PST

Charlie Sheen Drops $50,000 to Fight Child Homelessness


Charlie Sheen
loves 2 things a lot -- charities and hot chicks ... he just dropped $50,000 for the young and the homeless.

We got proof Charlie anted up to My Friend's Place -- which services homeless young people in Hollywood -- they sent him a thank-you note that we obtained.

My Friend's Place is the latest beneficiary of Charlie's sizable bank account.  In the last few months he's donated:

-- $25,000 to the PREDA foundation, a Philippine relief fund

-- $10,000 to The Walk to End Epilepsy

-- $150,000 to 3 charities chosen by the producer and director of "Scary Movie 5"

-- $75,000 to the family of a young cancer patient

-- $100,000 to Lindsay Lohan

Give the dude his due.