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'Vampire Diaries' Star

Divorce Final

He Vanted A Prenup ... and It Paid Off!

12/24/2013 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley is rightfully sucking the joint bank account dry ... we've learned he's getting the lion's share of loot in his divorce from Torrey DeVitto ... a divorce that is now final.

Turns out Paul and Torrey -- who also appeared on the show -- signed a prenup -- obtained by TMZ -- that keeps all their earnings separate ... and he made WAY more than her.  On top of that, the prenup provides he gets all the money he fronted for the purchase of their home -- $730,593 -- and she gets what she put in -- a measly $10K.

They were certainly into motor vehicles.  He gets to keep the Prius, the Triumph Bonneville chopper and an Audi Q5.  She gets an Audi A4.

The couple married back in April 2011 and separated in July.  They have no children together.

So who's the sucker now?



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Scammers from Africa posting about making money: You guys don't seem to get how obvious it is that y'all are thieves. How about you and the friends look for another place to rob people? Yeah. Y'all should.

302 days ago


Who is the sucker now? Anyone caught actually reading this stupid post, yes that includes me so spare me the flames.

302 days ago


They need to sell copies of that prenup. It would be a big seller to most of the celebs TMZ covers.

302 days ago


HAHA, a Prius. Just for show so idiot environmentalists will get off his back.

302 days ago


TMZ you couldn't find better pics of them. They look like their getting *******s!!!!!

302 days ago


First of all, maybe she didn't want his things? She's very pretty and at least she isn't a gold digger or she wouldn't have signed the prenup in the first place. As far as who is the 'sucker' now well, I'd say that's you, TMZ: You gave her free publicity and until today I had no idea who she was. Now I know who she is AND I know she's not a gold digger. If her 'husband' doesn't want to be a little caring and make sure she's okay on her own then he's a s***bag and as they say, Karma will come back to bite him in the ass someday. It just will.

302 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Finally, nobody's screwing with the"iron clad" prenup! Couldn't happen to cooler guy either!!

302 days ago


Women want equality until it comes time to split up the assets. You should get what you brought into the relationship even without a prenup.. Hit the bricks sister and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

302 days ago


Wow! That was SHORT!!! What is wrong with these people! Hollywood weirdos!

301 days ago


And this is why prenups are a good thing. If you're stupid enough not to have one, or have a crappy one, it's your own fault.

301 days ago


Paul Wesley is a douche. He's a serial cheater and still parties hard... he's pathetic and she can do better.

300 days ago

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