Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder Get Married ... That Was Fast!

Nikki Reed's marital status has gone from married to divorced to married again in the blink of an eye ... after getting hitched this weekend to "Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder.

Reed and Somerhalder exchanged vows Sunday in Malibu, where guests included "Glee" star Lea Michele and her boyfriend Matthew Paetz.

Reed split from "American Idol" star Paul McDonald in March 2014 and began dating Somerhalder in July. They even did a short engagement ... she got the ring in January, now they're hitched in April.

Somerhalder famously dated co-star Nina Dobrev for a few years, but this is his first marriage.

Ian Somerhalder Ambushed By Singing Fan 'You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman!'


"Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder can make a girl orgasm just by touching her -- at least that's the way it looks in this video, showing a USC student spontaneously bursting into "Natural Woman" last Tuesday ... as soon as she holds his hand.

Ian had just finished an Earth Day talk at the school -- he's a big conservationist -- when student Shelby Miguel dropped the Aretha assault during a meet-and-greet ... out of nowhere.

It's pretty damn ballsy -- not to mention awkward as hell -- but check out the video ... she's got a great voice.

'Vampire Diaries' Star Divorce Final He Vanted A Prenup ... and It Paid Off!


"Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley is rightfully sucking the joint bank account dry ... we've learned he's getting the lion's share of loot in his divorce from Torrey DeVitto ... a divorce that is now final.

Turns out Paul and Torrey -- who also appeared on the show -- signed a prenup -- obtained by TMZ -- that keeps all their earnings separate ... and he made WAY more than her. On top of that, the prenup provides he gets all the money he fronted for the purchase of their home -- $730,593 -- and she gets what she put in -- a measly $10K.

They were certainly into motor vehicles. He gets to keep the Prius, the Triumph Bonneville chopper and an Audi Q5. She gets an Audi A4.

The couple married back in April 2011 and separated in July. They have no children together.

So who's the sucker now?

'Vampire Diaries' Star I Got Custody of My Kid From Jailbird Baby Mama


"The Vampire Diaries" star Zach Roerig just won sole custody of his 2-year old daughter -- from the jailed woman he wanted to pay him child support.

Roerig was awarded custody last month in Georgia ... and a judge signed off on Zach making all future decisions for his daughter -- according to court docs.

We broke the story -- Roerig told the court he wanted child support from his ex back in July ... but it looks like he has since backed off the request.

Maybe it's cause he makes 30k a month from the TV show -- and she makes, well ... nothing.

'Cause she's in jail.

'Vampire Diaries' Star I Have a Kid! & My Baby Mama's In Jail


"The Vampire Diaries" star Zach Roerig is battling his baby mama for sole custody of their kid because she was just sentenced to Federal prison. But more importantly ... who knew he had a kid?

According to legal docs filed in GA court last month, Zach -- who plays regular human Matt Donovan on the show -- has a daughter with a woman named Alanna Turner, born in January 2011.

In the docs, 28-year-old Zach is asking the court to change the current custody arrangement and grant him full custody -- and he has a pretty good reason.

According to Zach, Alanna has been arrested at least three times and is actually incarcerated right now in after she pled guilty in federal court to "various crimes."

He's also asking that his jail-bird baby mama cough up child support -- perhaps a few cartons of Marlboros a month?

Calls to Zach's rep were not returned.

'Vampire Diaries' Hunks Who'd You Rather?

Wearing all sorts of different hats, "Vampire Diaries" hotties Matt Davis, Michael Trevino and Ian Somerhalder put their differences aside and made nice at an event in Madrid this month.

Question is ...

More Who'd you rather?

'Vampire Diaries' Set DESTROYED by Fire

Breaking News

The "Vampire Diaries" set got a rude awakening Thursday morning when a fire ravaged the famous Mystic Grill facade and burned it to a crisp ... wreaking havoc to the tune of $200,000.

For those of you that don't watch the CW show ... the set is located in Covington, Georgia and doubles as Mystic Falls -- the supernatural town where Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder make sweet vampire love.

The Mystic Grill is the centerpiece of that town ... but in real life it is a law offices located in Covington Square park. On Thursday morning, those offices went up in flames when a truck smashed into an electrical pole behind the building.

The Covington Fire Department arrived on the scene early in the AM ... and according to the Newton Citizen, there was a lot of smoke damage to the building and the law offices were completely "gutted" by the blaze ... causing $200k worth of destruction.

No hot people were injured ... production wrapped in early April.

'Vampire Diaries' Star -- Cut Up Outside Nightclub

One of the actors from "Vampire Diaries" got caught up in a serious situation outside Supperclub in Hollywood Thursday night -- unleashing his ridiculously chiseled abs on an unsuspecting public.

Actor Justin Price really knows how to stomach himself.