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Bulldog to Bieber


12/27/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
just adopted another pet he will almost certainly abandon ... TMZ has learned.

Justin was at a pet store in Stratford, Canada Thursday ... just to window shop.  But then -- sadly -- he fell in love with a 7-week-old American Bulldog named Petey.  Justin bought the dog for $600.  He also bought dog food (we're guessing the small bag), toys and a collar.

So why you ask are we so cynical?  Maybe because Justin once owned a hamster, which he gave away to a random fan -- the critter subsequently bit the dust.  He also abandoned a pet monkey in Germany.

It's like Justin is creating his own Neverland -- for pet orphans.



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When you BUY a dog from a pet store, you ARE NOT "ADOPTING". Get your headline fixed, TMZ, the same way the dog this POS just BOUGHT, needs to be "fixed" before it makes more unwanted puppies.

300 days ago


I agree with Jim! And doesn't an animal have to be 8 weeks old before its sold. I know they have to be in my state. Maybe the puppy will be mart enough to run away to a loving home! The poor pup doesn't need that environment of drugs and alcohol that it could get into and get seriously hurt!

300 days ago


hey biebers please stay in canada and don't come back to the states, after the dog pls adopt a baby polar bear too

300 days ago


You guys are just real *******s!! So far up his ass its ridiculous. Let him live, he's not doing anything to you guys. Everyday you guys are bashing him for no reason. Starting to think all you guys like him and the only way you show anything is by bad mouthing him. Is talking about him and making up lies everyday the only way that keeps your ratings high? It's so pathetic! You guys seriously need to grow up ! Tell Harvey to get off Justin's Dick! it seems like he wants him bad. Jealousy and envy of a person is really unbelievable! SMFH

300 days ago


Why doesn't this idiot adopt from a pound (and save a dog's life) instead?

300 days ago


I'm not going to far when i say, Bieber is a pathetic P.O.S. and he should be killed or deported to Canada to prevent him from doing more damage to anybody!

300 days ago


which pet store?? Pet stores are not aloud to sell dogs and cats anymore

300 days ago



300 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

He's not the kind of person to have a pet. He falls in love with them for the time being, but then gets rid of it, I assume without regrets. Poor dog.

300 days ago


Canada needs to close pet stores!!
Adopt Adopt Adopt!!
and JB `` is still a lil douche!!

300 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

He is like a child, but with no parent to tell him No. His treatment of that monkey was horrendous. Those animals are very social and become quite attached. He just abandoned it. Jerk. And for a guy who travels so much, a dog is another inappropriate acquisition unless he has a housekeeper it can bond with.

300 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

WOW!!!! This is an INCREDIBLE STORY!!!!!!!!!!
Ya GOtta see the video.

300 days ago


He BOUGHT a puppy mill dog from a pet store. He did NOT adopt. Learn the difference people. That cute little puppy in the window has come from a gawd awful puppy mill where breeding dogs are kept caged for heir entire life until the drop dead from disease and over breeding.

300 days ago


If this is a puppy mill dog or not I don't know. If he paid for it, he bought it. Where I live 7 weeks is the mininum age for a puppy to leave the nest.
There is however something that's more disturbing to me. American bulldogs grow into powerful dogs. There are more dog breeds that grow into powerful dogs, but there is something "special" about American bulldogs and other types of bulldogs: it is said that they need about three years to mature mentally.
To me it means that such a dog will be testing you during this long period and if the dog wins, big problems may be lurking. I wonder If Bieber is able to win both respect and trust of his puppy. I have serious doubts. If Bieber fails, what will happen to his dog? End up in a dog pound? Give away to someone else?

300 days ago


He didn't adopt a dog, he bought one. Any good adoption group will screen potential applicants and will turn them down if they think the dog isn't going to a good home. My guess is most groups would consider him a terrible owner. If more places would ban pet shops selling dogs and cats there would be a lot less problems in the world.

300 days ago
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