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Quvenzhane Wallis

I'm Only 10

And I'm Bigger than Cameron Diaz!

12/31/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Quvenzhane Wallis
-- the 10-year-old who was nominated for Best Actress this year for "Beasts of the Southern Wild" -- is going to make a fortune for her next movie ... and that's just for starters.

Q is set to star in the movie remake of "Annie."  The producers had to get approval from a judge because she's a minor, and we got the legal docs, showing what this little girl will deposit in her bank account.

-- $750,000 base salary
-- $750,000 bonus if the movie does super good
-- 5% of profits
-- 5% of all merchandising
-- 10% of sound track album royalties

Now get this ... Q's co-stars are Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.  According to her contract, her name cannot be lower than second position.  Realistically, that means Q will appear above Cameron.

Q gets unlimited Wi-Fi in her trailer. 

She gets veto power on any bloopers before they're released.

When Q promotes the flick ... they have to give her 3 dresses from which to choose and she gets to keep the one she wears.  But one caveat -- she can't sell or lend the garment to anyone.

And the best one ... Her image can be used to promote the film but NOT the sale of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, feminine hygiene products and pharmaceuticals.  It also prohibits producers using Q's image for gambling, EXCEPT her punim CAN appear on Pachinko machines (everybody's favorite Japanese arcade game).

Not bad for an orphan.



No Avatar


10 years old and her soul is already in jeopardy. What an ego. She's the next Miley Cyrus. So sad ....

242 days ago


The wealth in this nation really needs to be redistributed; our armed forces come home to their houses being foreclosed and their bank accounts overdrawn and then we have "celebs" using $100 bills as tissues. PATHETIC!

242 days ago


Sorry to break it to you, TMZ, but Ms. Diaz is the biggest star of the movie and she has in her contract that she's gonna be either billed first or last with "and" (which is reserved only for biggest stars). It's Ms. Diaz choice. Btw Ms. Diaz is gonna be paid something around $8-10 million for the movie. You're welcome.

242 days ago


Heard they were changing the title too; Annie-sha La-Quannie Hey, they did the wiz...

242 days ago


What if Hollywood remade Madea to an all white cast....Oh wait, THAT would be racist...double standard?

242 days ago


Jesus if this kid and that Kick Ass blondie teen can net those numbers, Jennifer Lawrence must be paid in small islands for her roles.

242 days ago


This is the movie that was originally intended to be a vehicle for Willow Smith, who fortunately decided that she preferred being a kid. So they got this child actor who really did a splendid job in an earlier movie i saw bits of - she does have real natural talent. So there's a chance this version of the story will be quite good. If not, she won't be the reason it fails.

But TMZ just made up that title out of thin air, as usual. The kid didn't say it and I doubt she's even thinking that way. The contract was the work of her agent. Not uncommon for actors to get shares of merchandizing, and she actually has shown her ability several times in previous work so she'll earn the money. Think of all the cash handed over to Lindsay Lohan for causing nothing but trouble on set and showing less acting talent than a gerbil. Unlike Lindsay- this kid will show up on time, know her lines, and deserve her pay. Bet she also pays her taxes... :)

242 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Cameron Diaz isn't exactly Meryl Streep but she started on her career path in 1988 by modeling then moving on to film and was working steadily until she started getting a little longer in the tooth, but she's still working steadily even if she doesn't get top billing anymore. So little girl, you might be an incredible actor but check yourself in 25 years and we'll see who wins. Humility doesn't seem to be a strong point with you.

242 days ago


The only black people movies that make any money is the 'woe is me i was a slave' movies. This movie will flop.

242 days ago


She sukked in that Besst movie. All she did was stand around with her lower lip stuck out, hands on hips with an occasional eye roll. Of course, the critics wet their pants.

242 days ago


Diva in the making.. cute girl though.

242 days ago

lameck alfred    

Why are people here acting as if she said that statement .

242 days ago

lameck alfred    

she didnt say that statement (I'm 10 ... And I'm Bigger than Cameron Diaz!) TMZ always make the heading look like a quote.

242 days ago


everyone is calling this little girl a b*tch for making a good amount of money. I'm so confused did.this 10 year old negotiate her own deal? or did her manger did?... you guys are smart her manger did. and stop turning this into a race issue its just a movie that everyone seen multiples remakes of, its Hollywoods job to give a refreshing new look in remade movies or there would be no point to remaking the movie. I understand that because segregation happened not to long ago white and or black people always try to turn this into a race issue but its a not always one.

242 days ago

Drunk'n sailor     

I used to love the story of Annie. Hope this girl has a good voice :) Shirley temple sure did and those big flowing golden curls were so adorable. Loved that movie. Hope this little girl does it justice as it's a wonderful opportunity for her.

242 days ago
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