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I'm That Kid's Daddy

But I Can't Pay Much

1/1/2014 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1231-ludacris-01-tmzLudacris didn't use protection when he banged some chick, but he's taking precautions now ... because he wants to legally establish his paternity and then set a hard limit on his child support.

Ludacris has been in a long-term relationship with Eudoxie -- pronounced kinda like the book in the Bible (don't ask).  But Luda took a break from Eudo long enough to get Tamika Fuller preggo. 

Cai Bella Bridges was born December 9th.  And here's where the plot thickens. 

It seems Ludacris knows he's the daddy, but he's worried Tamika will go in for the kill.  So he's filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- claiming he's only pulling in $25,842.41 a month on average.  Under Georgia law ... his monthly child support payment would be set at $1,754.66.

FYI ... Forbes says Luda is worth $12 mil ...  but that seems real low.



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Eudoxie should do herself a favor & go back to medical school!! He's not about to break bread if they break up or divorce. If he really cared about her, he would've invested in their future by supporting her going to medical school. He's not serious about her like she thinks he is. Men will waste your time & then drop you like a hot potato.

295 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Another 'celebrity' out to populate the world.

295 days ago


Yeah same thing dwade said he took a break from gabrielle union such a lie u was Still ****ing The side chick now he gotta pay up too engaged last week and a baby daddy the next week from the side chick but Gabby not going no where lol her career not that good

295 days ago


What a deadbeat!

295 days ago


Oh snap he pulled a Dwyane Wade "we ware on a break". So what? Wrap it up.

295 days ago


The courts will get find out the real salary he takes in and she will get the right amount of child support. He is a rapper he prolly spent a lot more than was coming in and now after his career is slowing down cant afford what he has leased and mortgaged so has to give it all back to the banks. And whatever equity he had will be wittled away to nothing by being under water on his house.

295 days ago


Luda is claiming he only makes 25k a month? He throws away 4 times that every time he goes to the strip club. I guess he really does have hoes in every area code? Instead of a baby this could have been a disease that cost him his life.

295 days ago


Lol she has a baby registry with his name on it

295 days ago


wow 7 days of no kardashian kristmas stories.. must have been exhausting for kris cooking for all those ex husbands to be..

295 days ago

Nobody Special    

Typical black has no responsibility.,

Oh boy, he was happy to wax dat axe the night of conception, but once he found out a miracle happened in the Easy Bake Oven, he is all of a sudden broke. What is it, F&F7 now?

Put another fatherless child out there and he does not even want to give the child a good upbringing? At least give the mother 200.00 a day, 6,000.00 a month is not much to ask.

One day the kid will grow-up and see what a Low-Life if real father was.

So when Luda is on his death bed all hurting from years of coke use, lungs all full of THC from smoking weed, I hope his neglected kid walks in to see him and tells him whats on his mind.

Life is so special, everyone's life, but these black guys have kids and then kick them to the curb.

Luda spends 2 grand on a bar tab, but when it's time to help his own blood grow-up he says, "I don't have any money, Your on your own raising that kid."

I will not be supporting any movie he is in, unless he pays "His Fair Share", hmmn, that sounds familiar...

295 days ago

Richie Incognegro711    

Well if he has to pay child support how is he gonna pay for all those spinnnin rims? They spinnin ***** they spinnin

295 days ago


he only has to part with 6% of his salary to take care of his child? and the mother will use 90% of hers, I suppose. gross. take care of your child, ass.

295 days ago

Richie Incognegro711    

It's a good thing blacks kill each other at an alarming rate. Somebody has to keep the numbers down. On that I say kudos black people

295 days ago

Richie Incognegro711    

It's a good thing blacks kill each other at an alarming rate. Somebody has to keep the numbers down. On that I say kudos black people

295 days ago


Is this the new craze now amongst these celebrities, go on a break from your girlfriend then knock some random chic up!! His girlfriend must be an idiot to stay as this is putting her at risk............sleeping with random chic without protection. How many others. Eudoxie and Gabrielle Union can do better.

295 days ago
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