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Blames Dr. Luke For Eating Disorder

He Called Me Fat

1/4/2014 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-dr-luke-kesha-gettyKe$ha is telling friends her eating disorder was caused by her very own music producer Dr. Luke -- claiming he bashed her weight and even called her a big, fat refrigerator ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to Ke$ha tell us ... it all started when the singer's "Get Sleazy" tour ended in 2011.  She says Luke -- who signed Ke$ha to a deal at age 18 -- started ragging on her over the extra lbs she had gained in her downtime.

Ke$ha says Luke -- a huge producer who has worked with Miley Cyrus and Rihanna -- began calling Ke$ha fat and urged her management team to do something about it.

Our sources say Ke$ha complained ... during a music video shoot in 2012 Luke told her she "looks like a f***ing refrigerator" ... and the singer was profoundly affected by it.

We broke the story ... Ke$ha is now in rehab for an eating disorder.

Calls to Dr. Luke went unanswered.


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Her songs are all shallow and vain. Her music and videos seem to promote superficial thinking and 'judging people by their looks' so what exactly is she complaining about?. She's also a massive skank who gained a ton of subcutaneous fat from guzzling hard liquor. I have absolutely no sympathy for her. The "eating disorder" probably developed when TMZ posted those hideous bikini pictures for the whole world to see. She DID look like a fridge (or a liquor cabinet).

If she's in rehab then I'm sure she will lose weight (provided they don't allow drinking). I'm not sure I'm buying the eating disorder story. I hope she learns a good lesson from this and stops acting like such a shallow tramp and stops promoting a lifestyle that will make her fans as miserable as she is now!

For now she can blame her problems on everyone else but in another 5 years she'll be fat and flat broke with HIV and liver disease and then she'll have no one to blame but herself.

290 days ago

brian agard    

i think its funny that everyone is talking ****. i dont like her music nor her but i think it is sad that some **** producer who makes music for britney spears is getting the last laugh. how dare he fat shame someone who is making him a ****load of money. how bout this dr luke... youre a **** producer and a joke in the industry.

290 days ago

Vasu Murti    

I think Ke$ha is beautiful!

Around 1979, there was a book entitled Fat Is A Feminist Issue. Now men are judged by their looks, too. Fat is everyone's issue.

I won't say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it IS subjective. I once wound up in bed with two women -- one of them skinny and flat-chested, the other slightly overweight but well-endowed. I prefer curvy women.

Paris Hilton referred to Kim Kardashian's posterior as "disgusting," but Kim Kardashian has posed nude twice and was voted the sexiest woman alive by male viewers.

In September 2007 I was matched online with a single mother. She said she was worried I might not find her attractive. When I said she might not find me attractive as well, she said it's different for women than for men. When she described herself as "short and chubby" (which wasn't true at all!) I merely said, "I'm *tall* and chubby. We'll get along great."

A few years later, my buddy Randall saw one of my pictures of her. "She's fat!" he exclaimed. "She's a mother," I said in her defense. This is what real women look like. And, to me, she's the sexiest woman alive!

The Huffington Post reported that Ke$ha is a vegetarian. I love vegetarians and vegans! A couple of years ago, I was dating a woman new to the vegan scene. She emailed me about losing weight to make herself more attractive to me. I responded: "The real reason to go veg is for the animals. My father was always putting down my mother for being overweight. I would never do that to you!"

Our culture places too much emphasis on being thin as an ideal for beauty. Nearly all the plus-slzed models: Leah Kelley; Barbara Brickner; Whitney Thompson; Laura Wells; Robyn Lawley; Ashley Graham; Chloe Marshall; Justine LeGault; Mia Tyler; Tara Lynn; Kaela Humphries; Candice Huffine; Fluvia Lacerda; Nadia Aboulhosn, etc. are all perfectly normal!

290 days ago


She alone is responsible for her weight issues. Whether it's being overweight or creating an eating disorder, she did it all to herself. It's called personal responsibility honey. So someone called you fat...big deal. If you had any strength of character you wouldn't crumble so easily. Besides, it's not her weight she needs to worry about, it's her grotesque face.

290 days ago


he said that
such an evil man to bring her self-esteem so low

290 days ago


Well, she is definitely looking for the way to lose extra pounds she has packed on. Celebs have to be fit to be admired. There are lots of programmes which help losing fat in a healthy way

289 days ago


Actually celebs can look how they like, they are like normal people. Everyone in the world is either skinny as arame or on the plump side or maye inbetween . To be admired does not relate , cause fans can still admire there celeb whatever their weight. Dr Luke's songs are getting rubbish every year he's lost it when making songs are concerned ..its all boring typical stuff ! For him to comment on her weight was not right .

289 days ago


Skinny as a rake* not arame. Lol -.-

289 days ago


She is a pretty large girl. A diet wouldn't hurt her at all.

289 days ago


Reading these god-awful, insulting, immature comments made me want to literally punch every one of you in the damn throat.
I don't think she's very talented, and I don't like her style at all, but EDs are no freaking joke. The s***bag producer's words probably triggered something in her, which led to her disorder. She's not blaming him, but she's pointing out that the constant insults eventually got to her. It's what happened. We don't know for sure what freakin' insecurities she's been having, or what not, so YES, maybe words DO TRIGGER CERTAIN THINGS IN PEOPLE. So no, she may not be talented, or whatever, but some of you need to do your damn research before spewing trash like the crap I just read.

288 days ago


seriously? Reading all the comments, what the **** is wrong with everybody?! Kesha is a ****ing human being, she can do the **** she wants with her body.

286 days ago
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