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Michael Muhney

Angry Y&R Fans Plan Aerial Attack on CBS

1/6/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105_Michael-Muhney_tmz_compositeIt's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's a flying banner paid for by "Young and the Restless" fans outraged at CBS for firing Michael Muhney.

Turns out a group of Y&R fanatics on Facebook pooled together $785 to pay for a banner that will soon fly over CBS Studios in Los Angeles with a message saying, "NO ADAM NEWBIE, JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY."

TMZ broke the story ... Muhney was fired last month for allegedly groping 20-year-old co-star Hunter King's breasts on 2 different occasions.  Muhney has allegedly harassed people on the set for a long time.

Y&R's plan is to retire the character and bring a new actor in to reprise the role of Adam Newman, but it's not sitting well with diehard fans.

Don't mess with soap fans.


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His character was one of the most loathsome men on a soap EVER. What sick, twisted writers thought up his horrible story line where he terrozies a pregnant woman, causes her miscarriage, switches her dead baby with another one, fakes his own blindness, etc. His digusting deeds are endless. Then I read that he himself is also a pig. Talk about art imitating life! He sounds like an egotistical jerk. Do yourself a favor, CBS, and show this douche the door.

295 days ago


He looks creepy though right? Like he seriously always gave me the creeps.

295 days ago

Make Me    

Looks as if this arrogant sociopath is up to his old tricks of manipulating his fans into publicly vilify his employer and co-workers after he screwed up. Same thing happened on "Veronica Mars." Guess he didn't learn his lesson then.

Honestly, I think this man has a mental problem. I saw his interactions with his fans online. He could teach a college course on fan pandering. This has resulted in a very unhealthy, co-dependent relationship with his largely female fans. The fans get off on being "friends" with Muhney (in their minds) and he feeds his ego with a daily dose of online praise and devotion. There's gotta be a name for this disorder. If there isn't one, I'd suggest calling it the Muhney Syndrome. Joking aside, the man needs help not more ego-stroking. But he'll never get that help if his fans keep enabling him and telling him how great he is. Fans, if you really want to help Michael Muhney, stop supporting his misbehavior.

The ironic part, other than a mob of women vilifying a young woman who had the guts to stand up for herself, is that this alleged sexual abuse would have never been made public had you not gotten online and made a big issue out of it. The media feeds off you as well. When a mass of users suddenly cause a Twitter-trend, sites like TMZ take notice and investigate. And voila! You got a scandal. Nice job, Muney fans. Without you, the world may never have known what a douche bag this guy truly is. Bravo!

295 days ago


I'm a fan french j'love the young the retless Iam the series since that I'have 10 years Iam furious that Michael Muhney be fired especially that at the moment in france it is still in the series c'is a good actor who plays really well role d'adam which makes the fascinating soap opera and then c'is the second adam in for me .I do not want d'a thirdadamto replace Michael Muhney in the series blackon your decision especially as ploter of his book'has never been of sexual harassement and then .I'actress who plays the role of summers as of seeking to provoke because on the internet site of fires . I'love as well as in thepages of magazines french it says only'it sought to make fired Michael Muhney and then me looking at the order paper I prefer the character d'adam that summer . I don't think only'it is indispensable in the series c'is rather it that would have transferred be Iam very angry that you have chosen to sacrifice character d'adam made in this case dying character d'adam because me I will not designate and I suppose that all french fans will be in my opinion Thank you.

278 days ago


It is interesting that they fired Muhney for this...but the male actors on the show reminisced about Jeanne Cooper groping them on the tribute show. Also, if it was true, Muhney should have been fired on the spot and not allowed back into the studio. It appears that the story lines were more important than the safety of the actors.

273 days ago


JFP needs to go people!!!! she is destroying Y&R!!!! MM's career is tarnished because of all the accusations!!!! JFP And her little entourage of actresses and actors have fabricated. A man's livelihood is at stake here???? He has a family people!

263 days ago


Maybe if you all have done some research!! You would know JFP is a destroyer of soap operas! She always brings in her own actors and actresses her entourage!! Then she makes up a storyline to cover her ass for all the story lines that don't pan out.

263 days ago


And if you all knew any better Hunter is a part of JFP's Entourage of actresses!!!! Bell Sr is rolling in his grave!!! At the mess she has imposed on us loyal fans.

263 days ago


Have any of you considered the fact that this so called young girl may have been rejected by MM and is lashing out

263 days ago


Oh My God !!!!!!!! Poor Hunter my ass she is a tramp I hear

263 days ago


Maybe get some research done and ya all would know the facts before you persecute a man and his career

263 days ago


JFP destroyed. Another World, One life to live, Bold and Beautiful Almost killed General Hospital and she uses her little want to bes to do her dirty work for her. MM did not do this you idiots. A garbage mag ran a factious bunch of crap for JFP and Eric old man Braden cause they wanted MM gone Eric was loosing the throne

263 days ago
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